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Happy Grateful Love

November 19, 2014

The Crisp Cool Air and UFO’s Reported About – A typical Long Island Fall Season


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Long Island New York has been a known hot spot for the strange and unknown for at least 150 years. I can recall family stores of the unexplained being told going back to events that took place over 150 years ago.

True to the nature of this strange long island sticking out in to the Atlantic Ocean continues to have odd things take place. The fall has always been an active time on Long Island for the strange to come alive and take hold of this island. This fall season is keeping true to this rule and I have been busy with emails and phone calls from those on Long Island reporting what they are seeing and finding.

On November 18th and 19th I received reports from people living in Deer Park and West Babylon. The two towns are only a few miles apart and are located about 5 miles from the south shore coast of Long Island.

The people who called from both towns told me the exact same thing. They all witnessed a bright light in the night sky that would stand still in the sky above the normal air traffic lanes shinning mostly a very bright white until suddenly it would start to move quickly to the left and right or shoot up in the sky or straight down much lower to the land while it changed colors to a neon pink, red or yellow and back to white.

 It would become standard again for a few minutes and suddenly once again move into action making long huge letter S shapes leaving a comet like tail behind it as it moved at incredible speeds. The object was seen and watched from dark and throughout the night on both nights. I asked if anyone reported it to the police or any type of agency. The response was sad to hear as I was told they did not know of any responsible source to report it to, did not want the ridicule of the police or media and instead looked up a fellow New Yorker on the inter net and called or emailed me. They were trying to take photos or video with their cell phones but to date I have not had anything sent to me. The people were watching this display by this object using binoculars, telescopes and rifle scopes. Using these items they say the maneuvers and speed of this object were amazing and unlike anything they had seen before.

I had a call from another older gentleman last week who reported another UFO sighting also in that area of Long Island in the town of Lindenhurst which is also located on the south shore about three miles from the coast.  This man was standing at the end of his driveway putting out the trash for pick up the next day when something in the sky caught his eye. There at about the level of normal air traffic coming from the east at incredible speed came a perfectly round orb that was a neon blue color he had never seen before. He told me the closest thing he could relate the color to would be the new bright L E D lights used at Christmas that shine especially bright and in colors not usually seen.

The object flew from the far east end of Long Island across his town and headed towards New York City at an incredible speed. The man worked for years at a Long Island airport and told me he was certain without question it was not like anything or any color he had ever seen before and traveled at a speed that would not be possible for today's aircraft's. The man also reported it was silent and perfectly round without any break in its form or color.

The last Unidentified Flying Object report occurred also on Long Island in the town of Huntington and came from my own husband. He was working outside in front of our garage last week. It had just become dark and he was standing in the middle of our very long driveway that has a clear view of the night sky. He was standing there thinking about how he was going to go about the project he was working on and glanced up to look at the stars. He realized that among the stars and normal night sights stood two very bright very round lights that looked like headlights only spread out a bit too far. As he looked at them he realized they were moving in formation but would stop and simply hover before once again in perfect alignment start moving again. They would move right and left until they seemed to pick a direction they liked and move along across the sky in that manner. My husband noticed immediately that the only light was solid and white. There were no flashing or colored lights of any type on the two objects moving across the sky. He watched for about 60 seconds and looked away to blink as his eyes started to bother him from the bright lights. He only looked away for a second however when he reopened his eyes to focus once again on the two objects they were gone. They were nowhere at all in the sky to be found.

The October / November time of year has always been a very active time on Long Island for sightings of unknown objects being seen in our skies. So far it appears this fall season is following the past with reports being seen once again of crafts, orbs and lights we cannot explain

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November 7, 2014

Mike Wooley Talks Bigfoot as the Mystery Continues below



Listen to a real BIGFOOT encoutner below

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I have been watching as the Bigfoot mystery continues to spread across the world with more sightings, more TV shows, and more people searching to find this elusive large hairy creature.

I became friends with Mike Wooley when I interviewed him concerning a terrifying Bigfoot experience he had while deer hunting a few years ago. Mike survived a face to face encounter with two large angry Bigfoot creatures. Mike was lucky to live through that day. I wrote his story about that frightening incident and will include it with this article.

I am going to interview Mike Wooley on a radio program I cohost about the ongoing encounters people are having with these strange creatures and recently called Mike to talk about what we would cover on our upcoming show.

I knew that there was a great deal of activity going on all over the country where Bigfoot groups are gathering to try to hunt down one of these large beasts and have been watching the TV shows that follow those who are trying to find Bigfoot however Mike informed me that the issue seems to be taking on a rather serious tone that really needs to be discussed for the safety of all who travel in to areas that may have clusters of the elusive large beasts.

Mike knows many men and women who have been searching for Bigfoot and explained to me how the creatures seem to be getting more aggressive and dangerous to the human population. 

He told me about an incident that supposedly took place in the United States where a group of hunters came across a campsite of another group of hunters far out in the wilderness. They realized as soon as they entered the camp that something awful had occurred as the campsite was ripped apart. Parts of the tents had been torn and thrown in to the fire, the hunters belongings were thrown all over the site and the hunters were nowhere to be found. Sadly they did find blood and what appeared to be the wreckage of a massive fight but otherwise the camp was empty. The hunters were startled to find large branches placed in the campsite that were pulled or snapped from big trees that were formed in to a large X at the site. The hunters also knew this was a Bigfoot warning to stay away. Rumors surfaced that one of the hunters did survive that camp disaster and indeed they were attacked by the beasts known as Bigfoot. For now I can only pass on what I was told as I have no firsthand knowledge of the exact events that took place at that campsite.

 Mike also talked about the ongoing problems taking place at the Sam Houston National Forest in Texas concerning Bigfoot sightings and missing people who enter the forest but end up never to be seen again. It seems that about 15 to 20 people go missing each year in this area and many have suspected Bigfoot activity as why they may go missing and never seen again.

I was stunned when Mike told me that he visited the forest this year due to the continued reported Bigfoot encounters at the forest and once again got a glimpse at one of the Bigfoot beasts.. 

Mike and his wife arranged to meet up with a group of other friends along the side of the road running along the forest when his friends spotted a large Bigfoot standing right there off the side of the road standing against a tree.

The creature was about 8 feet tall, very large with a mixture of reddish and black hair. The creature seemed to have been recently near a swamp as he was extremely dirty and matted in appearance. He watched the group of people for a few moments and then simply slide back in to the cover of the forest. The fact this animal was not intimidated by the group and so close to the road made the clear statement they are becoming more brazen which makes them extremely dangerous.

Mike told me that there are constant sightings of these strange beasts being reported in this area of Texas as the problem seems to grow and become more serious and dangerous. He also told me that there have been many other reports coming in from around the country in the open wilds where strange creatures can continue to hide and thrive including extremely large wolf type monsters seen by those living in these sparsely populated areas.

Hearing all of this I have to wonder if we need to consider that part of the animal mutilation cases reported over the years may somehow be tied to beasts and creatures like the elusive Bigfoot or other monsters that roam the wilds and woods that we do not yet understand or have discovered.

I do know we have people looking but also know there is most likely no chance at all of any of them finding what they are looking for. I say this as the groups I watch on TV seem to be those who are doing most of the looking. Other groups I have read about go out with their all-terrain vehicles with cameras, people and as much noise as possible with them.  This commotion of the TV shows and other groups is why they will never find what they are looking for. To find one of these beasts requires a skill set only a few have. To hunt and not be detected is difficult and certainly impossible in the way I see the present way of things happening. They set up camps, drive pickups and set start fires where they cook food. There is absolutely no way a Bigfoot or any other beast that lives and hides in the wilderness would stay near the loud smelly clumsy mess that comes with those who set out looking for them.

I may not be a hunter but I did grow up in the country and will tell you the only way one of these creatures will ever be caught will be by a group of trained hunters or military men who understand how to invade an area with as little disturbance as possible who smell like the area, look like the area and have the ability to sit with little movement to wait for one of these beasts to come their way. Let us not forget It would take money to pay trained men like this and time with no fanfare or cameras or noise to outwit a creature who has avoided us for most likely thousands of years.

I tend to think that if this was done and we did hunt down this creature it would soon become another Roswell and go missing before it was allowed by the powers that be to even leave the wilds in which it was caught. I truly believe Bigfoot falls in to the category of many other unknowns. It may be a mystery to us but the powers that control us without question know what is living in our forests and hiding among the trees.

Mike Wooley will be our guest on Knight Talk Radio November 13th. I will be looking forward to discussing all of these subjects with him at that time. I have included Mikes first encounter with the two male creatures on my blog for those who have not read his extreme experience alone in the woods of Louisiana while alone deer hunting

For now be careful where you wander and if you come across something during your day, or night that is 8 feet tall, covered in hair and giving you a very evil look do turn and run in the other direction. Never walk towards it to get a better look or get out of your car. These are not cuddly or cute they are dangerous and you may look to them a lot like dinner!
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 photo 20806ef3-042e-49d7-aaf4-4ad780df6641_zps2a26bbdb.jpg 

I have not been one to find much interest in the Big Foot issue for many reasons. I think the biggest reason was that up until now I have not come across an encounter that I felt was strong enough for me to believe that something that  strange or unusual was happening. I needed more than tree knocks and rock throwing to become really interested and concerned about what was happening with the Big  Foot subject. I did think something odd was going on but until now did not comprehend the danger or true strangeness of the Big Foot scenario that is being seen and reported all over the world. My interest became peeked considerably once I had the pleasure of meeting and talking to Mike Wooley. 

 I was told about Mike Wooley by a paranormal buddy of mine who  told me about Mike Wooley’s experience with two huge unknown type Big Foot creatures that hunted Mike while he was alone on a deer hunt years ago. Mike Wooley, in my opinion , is lucky he survived this experience and without question is  lucky to be alive.

Mike lives in the small town of Keatchie, 15 minutes south of Shreveport LA. He has been a hunting enthusiast since age 6, when he tagged along with dad while he squirrel hunted. At the age of 15 his interest turned to deer hunting, and he has been tracking in the Louisiana woods ever since.

Mike is a man who knows the woods especially in his area of Louisiana and the animals who inhabitant them. This man knows the sights, sounds and smells of the woods around him and is not one to take to stories of the unknown without questioning the possible reasons first. 

That is exactly what Mike did when he found he was in a dead eye lock with a creature he could not identify that was enormous in size and strength. Mike was perched on his dear stand deep in the woods when finding he was being stalked by an animal over 7 feet tall and at least  400 pounds of pure muscle. This creature was angry and without question there for business , This animal became outraged when it found  Mike in that tree on that deer stand  in what this beast considered his hunting ground. At first Mike 's mind tried to logically figure out what it was he was dealing with. Mike knew all the animals in the woods. He considered maybe he was eye to eye with a feral human being that somehow was living wild in the forest . Mikes encounter became a life or death experience as not only was this huge creature after him but another just like it was coming at Mike from another direction.

Mikes describes the animals as huge in size yet with very human like faces, features  and eyes. They were intelligent and were able to communicate with each other as they hunted Mike as he sat on his deer stand alone in the woods that day.

Along with Randy Maugans of  'Off Planet Radio'  I was able to interview Mike Wooley and was fascinated by what took place the day two huge creatures attacked and nearly caught Mike Wooley in the woods that day in 1981. The event changed Mike’s life forever which once you hear his story is easily understood.

After hearing  Mike’s firsthand account of what he experienced  I had to accept the fact that we do have a very real unknown issue on this planet of another life form we do not understand that is living among us yet are able to stay hidden and free of human interference.

Mike feels they are intelligent creatures ,who are masters of their domains , can elude us and keep their tribes or family groups surviving. I feel there may be more to this unknown strange creature that has been reported for hundreds of years all over the earth

I question the fact that we are not able to find what we do of all the other animals that live in the wilderness .  We can catch visual glimpses of the other animals that  live in areas that surround us that are not populated by man with the aid of cameras or sightings by those who live near these locations of wild open areas. We send hunters and researchers into these areas to collect and find evidence of what lives there including nests, indications of what they are eating as well as foot prints and scat left behind by all animals. These obvious  things ,however, are not found in the areas that have reports of the mysterious Big Foot animal or  by those having encounters with them. 

I find it very odd that the only evidence we find are limited and difficult to discover. There are small things found that suggest a Big Foot may have been in the area but not what you would anticipate being left behind by two or more 7 to 10 foot animals weighting at least 400 or more pounds. An animal that size would need a huge amount of food to run a body that big and would leave equally large amounts of scat , foot prints and pathways as it made its large body’s way through the dense forest.  These things would be found if it lived in an area or as a way to track the beasts as they made their way back to the deep wilds of the forest as they retreated from mankind.

I cannot grasp the idea that these animals are never found and even when they do come close to  mankind they do not leave any  real traceable evidence of where they go or how they get there. 

After listening to Mike’s story I have to believe something more is going on with the Big Foot issue that we are not yet figuring out. How do these huge creatures come and go in areas that seasoned hunters should be able to track? Mankind may not be able to venture as deep in to the wilderness as these animals seem to however we should be able to track where it is they return to after they have close encounters with humans.

Mike explained to me that many groups who do search for them do it without knowledge of hunting or the woods. They go in with loud trucks and people who make enough noise setting up one of their camera driven Big Foots hunts to not only chase away Big Foot but every other animal living in the area. I understand that but what about the seasoned woodsmen who know how to hunt and track? Why is it they cannot find the trail of how these elusive large animal travel in our forests and wilderness?  I think if the Big Foot comes close enough to have an encounter with a human it should be able to be traced by the men who are trained how to do this without the cameras or fanfare of the average Big Foot TV hunter. Why is it no one has been able to track the direction these huge animals take when they retreat from areas in which they have had encounters with mankind?

Do they travel by way of underground tunnels or do they travel in dimensional ways or are they not animals of origin from this earth?  In my mind a great deal of this issue just does not make sense to me. I admit I may be wrong and it is possible that Big Foot is simply smarter than man and easily out wits us each and every time it deals with us. I imagine anything is possible.

For now listen to Mike Wooley tell you about his horrific encounter with two very angry creatures and decide for yourself what is going on with the Big Foot scenario on this planet. I promise listening to this man’s experience will give you pause and make you think a great deal more about what really is going on out there. As Mike tells us”
"On one cold Saturday in Dec 1981 while hunting, a doe ran under my deer stand while she was being chased by a Bigfoot. Little did I know that it would be a life changing event for me.”

I have the links to Mike’s radio broadcast and video on my blog page so you can all hear firsthand what it is like to face off with two huge creatures who are angry and out to kill you while alone in the woods

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 Funny Bigfoot

October 26, 2014

Hello November

 photo 1c6125a1-ea7c-4d88-bf0c-340f6e8ba158_zps5e60dd9f.jpg
I was annoyed to find many of my trees and bushes destroyed by this winter’s heavy snow and non-stop storms. Spring seemed to forget about Long Island as none of my usual blubs bloomed and I missed out on my large colorful display of yearly tulips for the first time in over 20 years of living in my home. 

I am not alone with my complaints. My neighbors all talk about the strange weather and wonder what will happen next. Will we have a normal summer or will that also be strange and not what we have known as our normal weather pattern. I have to wonder if we will ever see what was once routine weather return and the new strangeness our new normal.

I noticed a bright flashing map on one of the net sites showing how April of this year had more earthquakes all over the planet than ever before in history during that time of year.

I watched the news last night  talk about the weather services new report discussing the fact that the new climate changes across the country are here to stay. That report was followed by a local report about the farmers on the east end of Long Island explaining how their crops are three to four weeks behind leaving them with barren fields and nothing to sell which makes  them a month behind in production and income. I had to wonder what the cost of food would be this summer due to the horrible weather that has slammed the entire country this year. If it is not flooding rain it is devastating drought. All of it adds up to lost crops which drives up our local food costs.

I spent a great deal of time a few years ago writing about the fact that the world would not end on December 21st 2012. I knew we would be here and life would carry on which of course it did. I now know I was not exactly on the mark by thinking the ancient warnings were just a reference to normal cycles on earth and not much to worry about. My thinking was at that time that many cycles of natural occurrences were due to happen again and  we should be aware of it and prepare for it but basically we would all have a good chance of surviving what may be coming our way.

I think I was wrong. I think I need to release my own denial about the warnings passed on to us from many ancient civilizations and face the fact that life on this planet may be getting ready to begin a rough ride and many of us may need to buckle up and get ready to hold on tight for what may be coming at us. 

I am sure you have heard and read many others talk about the fact something is just not right or they sense a strange new enlightenment and that life on this earth is about to take a serious turn. 

Some think natural disasters are going to continue to cascade upon us to a degree that we will find the world fighting Mother Nature leaving only pockets of the population able to literally weather the storms and survive the devastation of earthquakes, devastating storms, tornadoes and volcano eruptions. 

We are beginning to see this happen around us with devastating waves of horrid weather destroying entire communities. We tell each other it is simply Mother Nature doing what she does with some of us paying the price while others remain untouched and lacking in real understanding of what it is like to lose everything in a day to the whim of where a storm decides to hit.

 What I see and fear is that these awful tragedies that have always been part of our way of life seem to becoming more frequent and encumbering larger areas and numbers of people. It is no longer a state or two that suffers a line of tornado activity, it is an entire large section of the country covering many states and millions of people that become the targets of Natures furry. 

Not only do I see an increase in area of disaster upon disaster- I watch in my own neck of the woods as our climate completely changed quickly over a few short years from one way of life to another. 

Here on Long Island New York we always had four distinct seasons up until the last few years. Now we have two and it can change seasons  from one to the other in a matter of days. 

We have uncomfortable summers that are very hot and humid and very cold heavy snow winters that are very difficult to deal with, Both of these new seasons that now replace our old four  season climate are unlike any of the natural spring summer fall and winter seasons we have known here for at least 100 years. 

Our plants, trees and animals are confused and so are we to what will happen next as this new way of life slams in to action without any chance to acclimate to what now seems to be the new norm of things. I can only wonder what is ahead for us as I know things are coming that we are not ready to understand and without question unprepared to deal with. I sat through hurricane Sandy and trust me that was not a normal storm.

I think about the devastation of a tsunami if one were to hit either coast line of the United States or Europe or the complete world devastation that would take place if Yellowstone decided to erupt cutting America in half and killing a major portion of the population. I know it is due to explode, its cycle to erupt is here and think  I was a bit of a wise guy to laugh at those who took the warnings of 2012 seriously. I knew the world was not going to end in one day but I now have had a huge change of heart and thought about the warnings left to us by those who knew we were heading towards a rough road.

It appears to me that Mother Nature is going to continue doing her thing in her time and apparently we all are living right smack in the time when it is her time to cycle through some drastic changes which may bring us hard times while we ride out what is due to come. 

How we feed the population may need to change and do so quickly as the climates drastic differences shifts the way we did things to new ways of providing for our needs. If the weather insists on shorter seasons in some areas or dry droughts in others we will need to adapt quickly to either moving our farms or quickly building huge hot house growing units on the farms we do have in place. The one thing we cannot do is nothing at all which seems to be a preference for many humans walking this earth. I do think the times ahead are not going to be easy for those who think ignoring it all will make it go away.

Now I am going to say something that may make many of you think I have completely lost my mind. I have another reason for my decision to stop the way  I was thinking and stand up and take a good look around. My panic that life on this earth is about to take a serious change in many ways is not simply judged on Mother Nature getting ready to unload on us due to it being her cycle time to do so. There are other reasons that have opened my eyes to take a clearer look at what is going on around us.

Have you noticed how fat everyone has become?  I do not mean this in a rude or nasty way. I am fighting with  my weight now too. I was always very active so this was not as much of an issue for me until the last few years of my life where I developed a few health issues that restrict my ability to be as active as I once was. Add on medication and a few other factors and I too have an ongoing battle with the scale.

That is not what I am really talking about as I am older and there are many just like me. I am talking about young people, teens and children. When I go out and watch the people around me I cannot help but see that they are bigger than ever before. Years ago you did not see the number of overweight people you do today. It is really obvious something odd is going on. 

Did you ever listen to the people who are of normal weight or thin talk about what they do to stay that way? When I was young we were smaller, ate more and never ever hit a gym or thought about it, yet we were all thin.. I also want to add we ate better and more often and still did not have the amount of obesity that we do today. 

I was eating lunch with two friends and we started to talk about this subject. The subject came up due to the fact before we went to lunch we sat on a bench in the small town we were visiting and watched the people walk by. The amount of large people seemed to equal or outnumber the amount of normal size people. 

We talked about this at lunch. My one friend works in science the other is a doctor and I told them I do not buy the reasoning for this epidemic of overweight people on fast food, and lack of exercise alone. I do know the price of food keeps many people buying cheaper food that may increase their body size due to the price of fresh vegetables and fruit. I agree too much fast food is full of calories but still I also see the people working, taking care of families and living busy lives. My argument is they are too fat for the facts! 

Yes the kids sit inside playing computer games and do not play outside and run around as much as they should but did you ever really watch children? Most little kids never stop being in motion until they fall asleep in their beds. Unless these kids are being force fed huge amounts of food, they just seem unnaturally too fat to me. 

What I am saying is that I fully agree that our lack of exercise and bad eating habits do have us overweight and bogged down with extra fat but  I do not think that is the only reason for our excessive obesity.

Do you know what nature has the animals of this world do when getting ready for hard times ahead? Be it hibernation for winter or sensing a difficult season ahead the animals of this world fatten up. They eat like crazy fatten up for the long winter ahead and get ready to ride out the hard times so they will be alive to make it to better days. Mother Nature turns this instinct on and I think part of our being driven to the over eating and weight gain I see around us is partly being done by way of nature. 

Let’s face it if we are hit with storms that interrupt our food supply chain and we are forced to cut back dramatically for a very long period of time without food who do you think is going to last longer and be stronger? The skinny guy without an ounce of fat on him or the fat guy with an extra 50 pounds of stored fat? As long as there is water trust me- the fat guy will win that battle.

I watch the world as it spins frantically out of control and also watch a population that does not pay attention to any of it. I truly believe that our addiction to our hand held gadgets that  keep us in constant contact and controlled by a media we should know by now not to trust is not by chance.  I do not think it is the end result of a fabulously tech savoy population, I think it is a control system purposely put in place to keep the population deaf dumb and blind to what really is going on around them. I also think it will be the very thing that will end up destroying a large portion of the population.

Look at how you all so willingly blow off or refuse to consider or even look at the geo- engineering worldwide project of spraying the atmosphere , the air you breath as well as covering all the food you eat and decks you sit on with chemicals that may be protecting you, maybe, or killing you. We have no idea as no one cares and no one demands answers. As long as it does not interfere with your selfie or face book page or tweet – let’s face it you just do not care. 

I look at it all now with new eyes and I see things that make me re -think what I once thought and realize that the warnings of those from the past may be true and hard times may surely be coming. 

I do think we took the date of 2012 far too literally and did not understand that they were telling us that we would be entering an era of brutal earth changes that would take a toll on the world population as well as a time in which we need to re think our morals and way of life.

Again I think we over shoot many things and take extreme roads that tend to please us more than enlighten us. I tend to think it is a matter of looking at it all with as much logic and understanding of what is happening with calm and focus in order to weather the many storms and readjustments that are now beginning to hit man kind in a hard and furious manner.

If nature is going to give this planet a beating remember the planet is its own organic living thing and it will do what it needs to do to continue on. We are the parasites that live upon it and in cases do things to irritate and harm it. Of course we should know better but we do not stop nor do we care. This planet is going to explode and storm and shake as it is meant to do and if we want to remain the parasites living upon it we have to adapt and change to it.  It is not the other way around. When it comes to the earth and all that lives on it, the earth is boss not us. If Yellow stone has to blow, it will and that is that. 
Mankind continues to kill and war against one another with no decline or peace to be seen in the future. If we continue on as we are it is only time before we destroy one another by way of weapons  or economics or just plain stupidity leading us to a world wide form of suicide.

We know these things yet we do nothing at all to prepare. I bet few if any have an extra bottle of water or a can of peaches stored away much less a candle or anything needed for survival. I do bet however you all have the newest smartphone.

War, we kill each other each and every day. Hate we thrive on it, did you ever read some of the tweets or wars between Facebook participants. Talk about a waste of time– that is just ridiculous and really people, who cares who you hate or why. All of this is what we were warned about. We are flushing our civilization down a toilet of ignorance, denial of the real things going on around us and being lullabied   by tech toys into walking off the cliff instead of joining forces and fighting like hell for all of us to survive.
I do not think of this so much as a time of enlightenment as I do a time of cleaning house. Those who understand the hard patch ahead of us may start to prepare and consider ways they will survive certain disasters that may be typical for their areas and building in intensity in their areas. Others will play with their gadgets and insult those who prepare.

Many will understand hatred is not the answer and until they can learn to live and work with others they will not be able to survive what may be a future of hard times and hard work. If you are a hate filled self-involved personality you may not be able to find others who will want to form in living situations with you. War and hate  only kills and destroys and that will not be the way of the future of this planet.

So many things including reports of strange unknowns being witnessed all over this planet go on day after day yet still so many live in this closed bubble of denial and ignorance that it makes me shake my head in sadness to how all of the people living this false reality think they will be able to survive when some of the things coming at us finally hit the fan?

I apologize to those who thousands of years ago tried to warn us of the hardships that are due and will come our way. They tried to shake us awake to understand that all roads have rough spots and we may now be starting our long hard walk on that rough patch of road. I can only hint that it may be wise to think about some of this before continuing on as if you do not have a care in the world and giggle the night away without a thought to the strange weather or sightings reported in our skies  or war or rudeness or odd weight gains of the masses or poor quality of food you’re eating or the state of the country and world or all the other really important things happening around us that the ancients warned us about long ago.

Maybe I am crazy and life is just a bowl of cherries like my old Dad would sing about years ago, but then again are you willing to bet your life on that? 

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My Love of Halloween

My love for Halloween does not stem from any affiliation with or connection to anything other than my childhood and the memories of running around my little town dressed from head to toe in costume trick or treating with all the other kids in town.

I grew up in a small town along a sleepy river on the coast of Long Island New York. My town was and still does look like a typical New England town. It is in the country and in appearance seems much more like Connecticut or New Hampshire or upstate New York.  It was not and still is a sparsely populated hamlet where kids ran free and life was simply wonderful for a kid who loves Halloween.

When I was a chile we could be out at night wandering around in groups with a parent or two tagging along here or there as we went  trick or treating at every single door in town until our bags were filled to the brim with candy and goodies provided by the good people of my town.

I grew up loving this tradition as it not only was great fun ,it was filled with bowls of sweets that would last for weeks after that one  days haul of trick or treating.

 Halloween was a time when the trees were full of color and gently falling to the ground as the air turned cold and brisk making the night of Halloween chilling as well as thrilling and the beginning of the holiday season . Soon it would be Thanksgiving followed by the Christmas season and life was filled with family, fun and love. I had a childhood filled with family tradition which I have continued all through my life.  I still love Halloween and look forward to what follows as we leave the summer sun behind and travel in to a time of family tradition and fun.

I have two memories of my childhood that involve the day of Halloween that have stayed with me my entire life.

One is a wonderful experience and the other actually is horrid in nature and was terrifying for a bunch of 12 and  13 year old's. Strangely both included old large mansions where rich old ladies lived during the late 1950’s and early 1960’s along the banks of the river in the town where I grew up.

I will start with the horrible event. It happened in the early 60s when I was in the last years of being young enough to still trick or treat. I was an older kid at the time maybe 12 or 13 and this was one of the last times I ventured out as a youth to run wild on a dark and scary Halloween night.

I was with a group of kids my own age. I remember clearly that it was dark and cold that particular Halloween night.

 Along the river bank at the end of the town where only a few houses remained stood a very old dilapidated mansion that everyone called the ‘Old Crazy Witch’s House’. Everyone was afraid of the old woman who still remained living in the dark falling apart house. Sometimes when you drove by at night you could catch a glimpse of her sitting in a rocking chair on the third floor of the creepy old house in a big bow window overlooking the town. It was said she lived there with an insane son who never was seen but was said to crawl about the town in the wee hours of the night as the rest of the town’s people were fast asleep.

The house was scary, the stories about the family were frightening and I always did my best to stay far away from the place until this one Halloween night.

There were rumors around town that behind the house way down on the water’s edge where the river met the mansions old dock stood a falling down old shed that was filled with monstrous things so awful that those who saw them vowed never to speak of them once they encountered the horrors beyond the sheds old doors.

The group of 6 or 7 young teens I was running about town with this Halloween night decided it would be incredible if we could sneak down to that old shed and take a peek inside to see if anything scary at all was inside that old shed besides some old rakes and maybe a fishing pole or two. 

I was terrified of the idea of going near the old mansion with the old scary lady in the window and crazy night crawler son much less look inside the horror of the old shed down by the water’s edge. I was also afraid of being called a baby and laughed at by the older kids so simply followed along with the gang to see what would happen.

My gang of brave trick or treat-rs and I made our way through our little hamlet town and found our way to the back of the old mansion. It was very dark and very cold. We were careful not to make any noise as we made our way with care to the door to the large falling apart old shed at the water’s edge. One of the older boys in the group shook the old door until it cracked and creaked slowly open. It was very hard to see inside the old building so we gathered in to a tight little group all pressed up against the other and slowly made our way inside to have a look around inside the scary old place.

As our eyes adjusted to the light we could see shelves lined against the walls that were filled with bottles of all sizes and shapes. We made our way closer to one group of shelves to see what was inside the bottles. That is when the screaming started.

The kids in front of the group were the first to get a good look at what was inside the assorted bottles. The bottles were filled with body parts floating in some type of liquid. I only saw a few bottles before I went screaming out of the old shed in to the night. It looked to me like a monkey or baby floating in a large bottle on the shelf. It was disgusting and disturbing but most of all terrifying. 

On top of the terrible discovery of the body part filled bottles in this spooky old shed we were now aware that something or someone was screaming or more like howling at us as it came running down the property from the old mansion towards the shed. It was a pounding heavy sound of running with an angry howling scream that told me to run for my very life. 

Along with my friends I took off running as fast as I could across the property of the old mansion and the next few houses that were built next to it along the river’s edge.  We were far away from that horrid shed before we stopped running. The truth is that as we ran through the last yard in our escape from that part of town the taller kids were all clothes lined by one neighbors wash line and they were knocked to the ground gasping for air as they hit the clothes line mid neck while the rest of us were short enough to run under it. We had to collect our taller pals and limp our way home terrified at what he had experienced.

Up to this very day I do not know what it was we found on the shelves of that old shed. We dared not admit that we broke in to the shed as we were fearful of what would happen to us if anyone knew what we had done. We also we too fearful to talk about what he had seen on the shelves in that creepy old building.  My mother told me years later a crazy old scientist and his family lived there and the family owned the place until it was finally sold and torn down. What was inside that shed that Halloween night will remain a mystery and one that truly left me shivering in fear and fully aware that strange things do exist out in the dark of cold scary nights!

I do not want to leave my Halloween memories on such a frightening note as I also have many more that were filled with happy times of trick or treating with groups of friends having wonderful fun with great people.

My favorite memory of growing up in that river town was of another old lady who also owned a big mansion on the river in town. This house was a beautiful home filled with flowers in the summer and fully decorated for each and every holiday during the year. My favorite time to visit this home was Halloween.

The older woman who lived in the large house decorated the front of the old mansion with scarecrows, pumpkins and mums with hay bales and a walkway to the front door lit with jack o lanterns filled with burning candles. 

The kids in town could not wait until they got to this house so they could trick or treat at the big front door. 

The large front door entrance was manned by the older woman’s butler who was a very kind older man.  He would answer the door dressed in a costume and hand out the best trick or treats a kid could ever wish for. 

Each of us were given a large bag which was filled with three full size candy bars, a dollar bill and a toy. The toy was not a cheap toy they were always nice toys like a model of little doll and we all got a comic book.

The butler would tell us all that we looked scary and told us to wave to the older lady who sat on a window seat and waved to us. To top it off we were all given a pumpkin shaped cookie and a small cup of apple cider. It was the best house trick or treat stop a child could ever have and I was lucky enough to be one of those who was able to have and hold that kind woman and those wonderful memories throughout my lifetime.

I love all the Holidays for numerous reasons however the simple fact is tradition, family and community is what makes life a joy and I hope all of you do and continue to hold to your traditions and continue to celebrate life for as long as you live.

Happy Halloween
Chris Holly of
Chris Holly’s Endless Journey with the Unknown

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The Creature Behind the Closet Door

 Depiction of Reptilian

The year was 1967.  I was a 16 year old teenage girl at the time living in Islip New York which was a small town located on the south shore coast of Long Island.

I was a typical teenage girl who had a good life filled with friends and family. I lived in a small neighborhood located about a half mile or so from the Great South Bay which connected Long Island to the Atlantic Ocean.  My house was set among a group of other cookie cutter houses just like mine along a maze of roads in which motes were dug in the middle of some of the streets. The reason for the motes or small ditches was to direct over flow rain out to the bay and ocean.

The small ditch like motes where connected with large pipes along the neighborhood so the collected over flow water could flow all the way to the Bay. The pipes connecting this system of motes in this little cookie cutter neighborhood were about 4 ½ feet high. You could walk through them if you hunched down. My house was located across the road from one of the motes.

The summer of 1967 was an exciting time for me. I had gotten my junior driver’s license which in those years allowed you to drive at 16 until it became dark. During the summer months this limit was set at about 9 PM. You had to be 18 to have a full license to drive after dark..

I was thrilled to finally be 16 and have the freedom that driving allows. I loved the fact I could at long last meet up with my friends at the biggest hangout in our area which was the Mc Donald’s located smack in the center of our small town. The kids who could drive filled their cars with friends and made their way to Mickey D’s to sit parked in cars piled with teens to drink  shakes, eat fries; play the radio   and hang out  with all the other kids from the nearby towns. It was a teenage ritual almost a rite of passage for the kids on the South Shore of Long Island in the 60s.

I was a happy teen. I had lots of friends and the added thrill of a mother who let me drive her 1966 Chevy Malibu convertible. It was yellow with a black top and I just loved it. My girlfriends and I would spend hours driving around town always ending for a soda or shake at Mc Donald’s.

One Friday night in the August of my 16th summer my parents had plans to go to dinner with their friends. I was allowed to use my mother’s car to take my friends to the mall and a trip to Mc Donald’s but had to promise to have the car home by 9:00 PM as that was the cut off for driving with a junior license. 

I had two of my good friends with me that night. We were going to stay out until dark which was the time  I had to return the car to my house where we would hang out together until my parents came home. My friends planned on sleeping over so my parents could stay out late and not worry I was home alone.

The night was going exactly as planned. We drove to the mall where we picked up a few new records to play back at my house including the Beatles. Rolling Stones as well as other popular artists of the 60’s .We    spent the rest of our shopping time buying things teens bought in 1967 like white  nail polish , blue eye makeup and wide colorful head bands to wear in our long ironed straight hair.

Of course after finishing our Friday night shopping haul we headed to Mc Donald’s to see if there were any cute boys hanging out to flirt with. We did find a few cute boys and our flirting and fun made me forget the time until I realized it was completely dark and past my curfew time to be driving. My two friends and I piled in to my mother’s   yellow convertible ,of course with its top down, and headed home. It was turning out to be a great summer’s night until  we returned to my house.

 I drove the car home and parked it in front of my house in the street. I was not skilled enough as a driver to be trusted by my parents to pull the car in to the garage which was attached to the house so I left the car parked in front of the house until my parents returned home. My parents had a special way of parking their cars in the garage and I found it best to stay away when they went about   their daily  routine of pulling the family cars in to the garage.

My two friends and I all jumped from the car and ran across the lawn  rushing to the front door leaving the car parked in the street - not bothering to raise up the convertible top or lock the doors. After a few hours of cola drinking at McDonald's the only thing on our mind was our urgent need to use the bathroom.

 My house was a one story ranch house with the living area on one side and the bedrooms located on the other. I unlocked the front door shoved the keys in to my pocket as the three of us burst giggling and pushing   in to the large bathroom located in the hallway that accessed the family bedrooms.

The bathroom had two sections of a water closet area and the other a double sink with mirrors area. The two sections were separated by a door. This bathroom was across the hall from my bedroom. The three of us urgently needed to use the bathroom and did not pay too much attention to the fact the house was totally dark. Usually my parents left a few lights on so we did not arrive home to a dark house. I did realize as we entered the house that I threw on the hallway entry light as we blasted our way down the hall to the bathroom. I was not completely unaware that the house was unusually dark. I just did not think much about it.

The three of us were all in the bathroom taking turns using the water closet while the two other girls spent time looking in the mirrors over the double sinks talking and laughing. I was busy yelling at my two friends to hurry up as I was the last one in line. I remember we were laughing as we swore off all additional cola drinking during future McDonald's visits.

After we had all gone to the bathroom we stood together in front of the mirrors brushing our hair and discussing what we would do next.
Suddenly my friend who was standing closest to the hallway door stood straight up, turned completely white and said to us: "I have a horrid feeling we are not alone in the house. I think I heard something." We all froze and listened. I thought I heard a sort of bump or movement too. I said: “I hear something too, let’s get out of here!" I got my keys out in my hand and told my friends that once I open the bathroom door we all needed to run quickly to the front door and out to my mother’s car. As I spoke quietly to my friends I knew I heard someone walking around the house. I was extremely frightened and just wanted to get us out of the dark empty house. I looked at my friends and could see they both were terrified and knew we had to get out of the house immediately. We all could feel we were in deep danger.

The three of us blasted through the bathroom doorway, down the hallway, and out the front door. I slammed the front door but did not stop to lock it. Luckily I had placed the car keys in my hand.  We ran to the car and immediately I closed the convertible top while my friends closed all the windows and locked all the doors.  The three of us were all in the front seat locked inside the closed up car. . We sat there terrified. I could feel my heart pounding as I knew there was someone in the house and we had been in there with them.

After a minute or two we thought maybe we were just suffering from "boogie-man" syndrome and started to slightly calm down. We started to talk about what we should do next when something caught my eye at the front of the house. I thought I saw the front porch light flicker. My friends both saw it too.  We watched as the light over the front door turned on and off-again and again. I felt a fear I had never known before. Somebody was definitely inside the house and they were playing with us as well.

I started the car so we could go call the police and my parents. There were no cell phones in 1967 and my neighbor’s houses that were close to my house all looked dark and lonely as if no one was at home. Often the neighborhood was deserted on weekend summer nights.

 As I turned the ignition key with my trembling hand I continued to watch the person inside my house proceed to light up the living room lights. The person in my house was running from lamp to light switch to lamp turning the lights on and off at and incredible speed in the living room. This was done with a combination of turning on and off the front porch lights as well. This was when I realized we were dealing with something very strange as it was impossible for anyone to do this with the speed in which it was being done. In only a split second the lights would rotate and change in what seemed to be a lightning speed. I thought maybe there was more than one person in the house, or something very odd was taking place that I did not understand. My 16 year old heart filled with a fear that made me shake and fill with absolute terror. 

 I knew we had to go get help. As we pulled away from the house my friend said, "Oh God, he is in your room! He turned on your light!" I felt sick and angry all at once knowing as I drove for help that someone was in my home intentionally toying with us and now was invading my bedroom.

We decided to drive directly to the Fire House in town for help. Often you could find a police car there. As soon as I turned on to  the Main Street of town we spotted my friends older brother driving directly in front of us. I blew the horn over and over waving for him to pull over.  He knew we should not be out in the car as it was fully dark out  and pulled over to the side of the road to see why were still out driving around.
He walked over to my mother’s car.  We all started screaming at once. He had two of his football pals with him. We told my friend’s brother and the other two older boys what had happened. My friend’s brother told one of his friends to take his car and go get help. He and his other friend would return to my house with us  to sit out front to watch over the house until the help arrived. I was very frightened but agreed to go along with this plan.

We drove back to my house. My friend’s brother instructed me to slowly pull up in front of the house with the car head lights off. We silently slid the car in front of my house and stopped. in the street .

My two friend and I along with my friends brother and his friend all sat without saying a word to each other as we watched the  lights inside the house switching on and off every few seconds--first the kitchen, then the den, and then over to the living room. The front porch light was apparently turned on and off every time this intruder passed the switch inside. The boys watched this taking place and clearly felt the same fear we did. My friend's brother decided not to investigate this odd activity and told me to keep the car running as we sat and waited for his friend to arrive with help.  We stayed locked in my mother's car and watched the madness taking place in my house.

We all sat there confused and frightened by the light show taking place inside my home. At this point I was scared out of my mind. We sat silently waiting. The air was still. The only sounds we heard were the light chirping of summer crickets and the light hum of the car motor. Nobody said a word. We all knew we were being watched by and played with by some type of madman.  Finally my friend broke the silence. She said, "Thank God we got out of that house." I just sat frozen, ready to drive away if I needed to.

We sat there for what seemed an awfully long time but in truth it was only a few minutes. I was very fearful this person in my house would leave before the police arrived. We sat anxiously as the seconds ticked away and occupied ourselves by watching lights turning on--and now staying on--throughout the house. Soon the house looked like a barn fire on a dark beach as every light appeared to be on--including outside floodlights and driveway spotlights. We again sat silently, watching.
Suddenly from deep inside the house came this animal-like, wild growling scream loudly escaping from the house. The thing inside my house was howling an angry violent scream   I will never forget. We all grabbed on to each other as instantly we knew the thing in my house was not human. Nothing on this earth could create a scream as horrifying as what we were listening to. We all knew this was something non-human screaming at us. As I sit here and write this account I will tell you I will never forget those screams until the day I die.

As this thing screamed it must have been pounding on the backside of the front door or a front wall. The house echoed as this thing screamed into the night .We could also hear along with the screams a loud banging taking place as if it was pounding the walls as it howled in anger. The ordeal was so terrifying as the pounding was with  such force I began to shake and cry. My friend's brother touched my shoulder from the back seat with his hand and said, "We need to leave. This is way too much for us to handle."

I was shaking so much I could barely place the car into gear. We started down the road but had rolled only a few yards when we saw my girl friend’s brother’s friend coming with a police car following right behind him. Coincidentally my parents were turning the corner right behind the police car. I stopped my car and waited until the policeman was standing just outside my car door. I rolled down the window and all at once we all started to tell him what was happening.

The policeman looked up at the house to see the last of the light changes occurring. As the policeman stood looking at the house the creature inside let out one last howling scream. The policeman reached for his side arm and whispered "Mother of God" My parents ran to the side of our car and the policeman asked my father for the keys to the house. I explained that I did not lock the door and the front door should be unlocked.  He then withdrew his gun, called for backup and started up the driveway toward the front door.

The policeman tried to open the front door however the thing inside must have locked it when we ran out. He made his way back to his car and asked my father once again for the house keys. My father now had a few minutes to figure out what was happening and demanded the policeman let him go with him into the house. Another policeman arrived. After a quick conversation the two policemen and my father unlocked the front door and entered the house.
My mother was now in the car with the rest of us with the doors locked and the car still running. We all sat watching the policemen and my Dad make their way through our house. It seemed as if a very long time passed-maybe ten to fifteen minute before we could see one of the policemen talking to my father near the front door foyer of the house. I could see by my father’s reaction and knew he was upset.

Again the police and my Dad seemed to be searching the house. Now they were turning on all the lights and leaving them on.  My dad eventually returned to us who remained locked in the running car. He asked my friend's brother to take all the kids directly home and to lock his car doors and not stop for anyone or anything.

As my friends drove away my Dad told my mother and I that the policemen discovered the back door had been ripped open. He said the person who broke in had taken some of our clothing and makeup and thrown it around the house. He looked at my mother and told her there was some damage done to the house as well. My dad was looking at my mother in a way that told me there was something more that he was not saying in front of me. 

By this time there were other police cars around the neighborhood. I saw two policemen with a dog searching the neighbors' yard closest to our house. There was another teenage girl who lived in that house who was my older brother’s age.  My parents and I sat in the locked car waiting for the police to call my Dad to let us know they were done with what they were doing inside our house. It seemed like it was taking forever.
  Both of my parents were upset and I was scared to death. As we sat waiting my brother drove up to the house returning from his Friday night date with his girlfriend. He panicked when he saw all the police cars surrounding the house. Jumping from his car my brother ran  to my mother’s car where he saw us all sitting in front of the house. My brother crawled in to the back seat of the car and sat eyes huge and confused as we explained to him what had taken place inside the house while he was gone. My brother who was three years older than I was immediately became filled with guilt that he was not at home to protect me which was the role he took upon himself since the day I was born. To be honest this was one night I had wished he had been home as well.

Finally a policeman appeared at our front door and motioned for my father to come back inside the house. My Dad left us locked inside the car and went inside the house to talk to the policeman. My father talked with the policemen for a few minutes and then motioned for my mother, brother and I to come inside the house as well.

When we walked into the house the one policeman and my Dad took my mother by the arm to show her something down the hallway while another policeman was told to stay with my brother and I in the living room. I wanted to stay with my parents and I started to walk toward the bedroom area where they had gone when I heard my mother let out a horrible scream and burst into tears. I took off in a full run to where my parents were standing with my brother right behind me.

My parents and the policeman were standing in my bedroom. I walked into the bedroom where I   saw my parents looking behind my open closet door. The policeman was looking behind the door as well. I leaned forward and pushed the closet door closed in order to see what they were looking at in the space behind it.

On my bedroom floor, no longer hidden by the closet door, sat a little wooden chair my Dad normally kept in his work area behind the garage. Draped over the chair, as if someone had been sitting there waiting while holding it in his hands, was a long piece of brand new rope also from my fathers work area. It looked as if someone had just let it slip from his hands as he stood up to leave. On the floor beside the chair were a long sharp carving knife from the kitchen and some matches. My makeup had been used to paint strange marks and symbols on my bedroom wall. My nightgown was torn and thrown into the wastebasket next to my desk. On my bed was an outline where something had laid on it and left an imprint. Above  my headboard on the wall were long claw marks where something had clawed apart the sheet rock on the wall. My mother was weeping, my father was holding her, my brother looked at my father and said “God help us.” And pulled me to him and wrapped his arms in protection around me.

Standing there we noticed a putrid odor lingering in the house. It smelled like a mix of something rotting mixed with mold and mildew. It was rancid and something we never smelled before in our home.  At this point all I could feel was a paralyzing terror. I looked one more time at the little chair and rope no longer hidden by the closet door.. I ran to the bathroom and vomited. My Mom, crying, came in after me. I knew I had missed losing my life that night by the mere luck of my friends needing to use the bathroom and our planning a sleep over. If I had entered the house alone that night  my life surely would have been taken. The question was, by what?

It was a big deal that night. The police stayed with us for hours. They did not pretend the incident was just a robbery or some silly kid staging a prank. I knew clearly, as they did, that I had barely escaped a cruel and untimely death. Police searched the area for hours that night.

The police talked to my father before leaving and told him they knew of another incident in the area with similar details. A woman had been lured into her basement by the unexpected sound of her washer and dryer running. She also heard the horrid screams of this vile intruder and ran for help. It was not the first time they had to deal with this, and we could tell the police were both concerned and frightened.

The police suggested we sleep at a relative’s house for a day or so until they finished doing what they needed to do and also to give my parents time to repair the damage in the house. There were areas of clawed walls as well as places where whatever this thing was punched holes right through the sheet rock. It had ripped the locked screened door completely off of the back door and smashed the glass and wood around the heavy back door to enter the house. The entire house had the lingering strange odor that needed to be contended with as well.

We stayed that night and for about a week after that night with my oldest sister who was married and had a house of her own. My parents and older brothers and sisters worked daily for that week repairing the damage at our house and airing out and cleaning everything in the house to get rid of the odor. The police reported back that they had searched the entire area and would continue to patrol the area however found nothing unusual. The police thought that maybe whoever or whatever was in our house made its escape via the large drainage pipes and motes that ran throughout the neighborhood.

When we finally returned to our home. My parents had repaired and removed all signs of what occurred that night in the house. They even repainted my room a pretty purple I loved at the time in hopes of removing the stigma of what took place behind that closet door.

I tried but could not stay in my room for more than a few minutes before running out to be with the rest of my family. I was not able to stand being alone and even made my mother stay by the bathroom door while I showered and used the bathroom. I even went as far as making my brother stand by the bathroom door if my parents were not at home. I would sit right next to my brother if my parents were not home or make him take me with him if he needed to leave the house for any reason. There was no way in hell I was going to ever stay alone in that house again.

I slept on the floor in my parents or my brother’s bedroom at night. I slept on their bedroom floors until my dad fitted all the windows and doors of the house with either heavy-duty locks or steel bars. My brother gave me his room and he slept in the newly painted purple bedroom.  I refused to go outside by myself or drive anywhere in the car alone. I was terrified and I was traumatized. I knew by my intuition that this thing was not done and would return.

Weeks went by and life was beginning to return to normal. Fall was in the air and the nights were turning cool and crisp. I was starting to function a bit better but still would not stay or go anywhere alone. My poor brother felt as if I was attached to him at the hip as I was so dependent on him that I even went with him on his dates with his girlfriend rather than stay for a minute alone in that house. Thank goodness he had a nice girlfriend who understood and would even place me between them while at the movies or driving down a dark road so I would be stuck between them shielded from the unknown world.
Finally these things were beginning to ease for me and I was starting to recover from the trauma of that thing hiding in my house who screamed in anger and frustration that it could not get at me or kill me just a few weeks before.

It was dinner time  one evening and we were sitting around the kitchen table waiting for my mother to finish up what she was making so we could eat our evening meal. The phone rang and my Dad got up to answer it.  My brother, mother and I were sitting at the kitchen table when my father finally came back. I could tell by one look at my Dad's face something once again was terribly wrong.

My father sat down and told us that the teenage girl who was my brother’s age that lived in the closest house on the side of our home had just been attacked while sitting in her house.

 She had been sitting in the family room watching TV. She was home with her mother and little brother. The teenage girl had been sitting on the couch beneath the family room window, when something from outside of the house grabbed the window--frame and all--and ripped it right out of the side of the house.

I could not understand what he was telling me. I asked my father what he was talking about. He repeated--someone or something with incredible strength grabbed the window frame and ripped the entire thing out of the wall of the house.  My father told us that this thing was able to pull the window away from the house with enormous speed as it was able to grab the girl before she was able to react.
The girl jumped up screaming when the window was being ripped from the house. She was sitting in front of  the window on the couch but could not jump out of reach before a long greenish gray snake like arm swatted for her from outside the window shell. The girl claimed she felt what seemed like a claw skim across her neck.
 Her mother heard all the noise and commotion  from another room. She grabbed her husband's loaded rifle and ran into the family room where she saw the window ripped out of the wall and the strange  arm reaching for her daughter. By this time the girl had managed to break loose from the grasp of this thing and made her way to the other side of the room screaming. Her mother took aim and fired at the space where the window had been and the reptile  arm was wildly flinging about as it  tried to reach in to the house.. She could not tell whether she hit whatever this thing was but they all heard it howling that same angered non-human scream as it ran away. The woman fired again so that the thing would keep on running. The neighbors told the police the thing had a strong horrid odor that they could smell outside of the house where it had been standing.
Once again the police searched the area. Dogs were used. Police cars covered the streets. Once again this creature escaped. My terror now returned even worse than it was before.. I refused to leave the house without another family member accompanying me. I refused to drive alone in my car. I never stayed home alone and progressed only as far as sleeping in my bedroom with the door open-provided my brother (who was home from college on summer breaks) or my parents kept a bedroom door open as well. I was exhausted as when I did sleep it would only be for short intervals as I feared this thing would return to kill me.
 My parents had enough and they sold the house. We moved to another town about 20 miles away without motes or long lonely streets. At last I was able to sleep again and return to a more normal teenage existence.

As far as I know, whatever entered our house that summer night was never caught or identified. I do know he or "it" intended to tie me up and hurt me. I do know “it" had little fear and enjoyed terrifying us that night. I also know "it" was beast-like and far from human given its loud haunting screams, incredible physical strength, reptile like skin and putrid smell. I do know the monster that ripped the window and frame out of my neighbor’s house was the same monster that intended and tried to kill me.

I am thankful I ran out of the house that night and that I had my friends with me and I did not go home alone. I am also grateful my friend was alert enough to sense that we were not alone in that house that night. I often fill with fear thinking what could have happened to me if the circumstances that night had been slightly different and I had found myself alone and at the hands of this howling, wall ripping putrid smelling creature that was waiting for me, luring me and planning to harm me that sat waiting form me on that little chair behind my closet door. Sometimes our fate is just a slight degree from being something we can or cannot survive. The simple fact I decided to have a teen sleep over that night saved my life. I am forever grateful for that.

That night fate gave me a helping hand. Many a day since I have pondered how lucky I was to survive that horrifying event. It haunts me still as I continue to wonder what type of creature I could have faced alone that night. Often I wonder where did it come from and where did it go? I often think about this experience as one of the greatest mysteries of my life.

Remember; always be careful out there. One never knows what lurks behind the closet door!

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I am going to tell you a story that I have been told is true. Since I did not experience it firsthand I am only able to repeat to you what was told to me.

This event took place in the mid 60's in a small town along the Long Island coast. This little town sits  along the coast of a River . The town looks like many small New England towns you may find along the Coast of the Eastern seaboard t of the United States.

Many of the houses and buildings in this little town  date back to the 1600's. It is aN old area full of  lots of history.

One of the houses ,  an  old mansion WAS  built around the 1750s,  still  remained  a few hundred yards behind a little church that was built about a hundred years later..

At the time this event occurred in the 1960;s the old house ,  church and  old graveyard filled with broken headstones and fallen grave markers next to it all still existed  .  At the time of the encounter the church , graveyard and old house had stood together in this old town for as long as anyone could remember.

Everyone at the time in   this little town  believed  the house to be haunted as well as  the graveyard being   known to have a ghost or two wandering its grounds supposedly seen by many in town.

The church was renovated inside in the very early 1960s. That was the time a  new young pastor took over the congregation. He  was determined to build the church back to being strong and beautiful.   Along with the  renovation of the old church a lovely little cottage was  built on the grounds for the pastor  to live in.

The old house behind the church was commonly known in the little town as being haunted  and dangerous.. Everyone  in town knew to stay far away from that house .  The only ones who went near it  were the  people hired to be  caretakers of the property.

Now and then you would hear a story floating around town that someone in town heard screams or saw strange people looking out of the windows of the old mansion. There were stories that once a very crazy doctor and his witch like wife lived there . Town legend claims the couple practiced monstrous  experiments on both animals and humans killing and burying the dead on the mansions property. Claims of seeing both ghostly figures of people and animals wandering the place have been passed on for as long as anyone could remember.

. My interest in this old mansion and the church nearby came by way of my cousin who  lived in town  at the time.

My cousin was a few years older than I was . She was in her late teens at the time of the incident. It was October about a week before Halloween when the event happened.

My cousin and her boyfriend were driving around town with a few other friends when one of them brought up the old mansion and all the ghostly tales that were told about it.   They decided it would be fun to take a closer look at the old house and the graveyard on a little ghost hunt of their own. 

Being young and foolish it never occurred to them that this may be a very dangerous even deadly thing to do .  They soon found out that fun was far from what they would encounter on this cool October night.

My cousin,  her boyfriend , two other girls and one other boy all were packed into the ford mustang that belonged to my cousins boyfriend.  Slowly and silently they entered the dirt drive way of the old mansion that drove along the side of the old graveyard. They parked the car at the  back corner of the graveyard so they were  in between the house and the graveyard.
The group got out of the car and made their way in to the graveyard  to see if they could find a ghost and have a giggle. The five teens walked along under the moonlight reading the old grave markers while the wind blew the fall leaves about their feet. It was a typical fall night in the northeast and perfect for hunting ghosts.

 As they walked along the rows of old gravestones the five teens began to feel uncomfortable and a bit frightened.  The two girls in the group started to hear noises behind them as they walked along the grave markers.. The one girl insisted she could hear someone or something following them.

The group started to feel very  uncomfortable walking among the dead and decided it may be more fun to venture on to the Mansion to have a look around.

The five teens  had no idea what a dangerous decision this would prove to be.  

They walked towards the old mansion  . They were giggling and acting silly as they continued their ghost hunt.  As they approached the old house one of the girls noticed something in the window on  the second floor  in the front of the house. She stopped dead in her tracks hushing the others to look at the window.

The five kids stood there watching the dark house when my cousins boyfriend whispered :  "Did you all just see that?"

He too saw something or someone standing at a window on the second floor. The group stood still  watching.

The other boy with them suddenly yelled out   "BOO" which sent the other four kids jumping clear off the ground. The group laughed and continued walking around to look at the side and back of the strange old house.

As they made their way to the back side of the mansion they noticed a broken down shed in the back corner of the yard of the house. The group of five walked towards it to see what the little building was used for. The shed was a small duplicate of the large main house. The teens thought it may be a elaborate playhouse and wanted to take a closer look.

The small building was about the size of a old fashion double garage. Bigger than a single garage of today but not as big as a modern double garage. The little house was exactly like the big one including a open front porch . The teenagers wandered onto the porch and tried to look in the windows. The windows were so dirty and the night dark making it impossible to see inside.

One of them twisted the front doorknob and to the shock of all the door flew open as if someone pulled it from the other side.

The teens stood there looking at each other. They decided to just take a peek in to see what was inside. The five of them walked in to find a large open room filled with walls lined with shelves . In the middle of the rooms was a large table .

The place was filled with cob webs and dirt. The group walked around looking at the shelves which were lined with bottles of different sizes.

The group was silent as they carefully looked around. Finally one of the girls picked up a bottle and held it to the moon light coming through the dirty window. She yelped in disgust and tossed the bottle back on to the shelf.

The bottle had what appeared to be a dead animal floating in it.  The group of teens began to look more carefully at the bottles lining the shelves. To their revulsion they all had what looked to be some type of fetus or partial piece of some kind of living creature. The group was stunned and quickly became frightened .

They decided it was time to leave and quickly ran back out into the yard to make their way  back to the car.  The five teens could not contain their fear and started to run towards the front of the old house towards the waiting Mustang.
That is when it happened.

The two girls and other boy were ahead of my cousin and her boyfriend. They were running full speed towards the car.

As the group ran across the yard my cousin slipped on the fallen leaves and fell hard to the ground.  Her boyfriend stopped running to help pull her to her feet . The other teens kept  running full speed towards  the car.

Quickly my cousin and her boyfriend were alone on the side of the dark old house. My cousins ankle was badly sprained and she could not walk much less run. Her boyfriend lifted her to her feet and half carried half dragged her along towards the front of the house to make way to the car.

Their friends were long gone and they were alone. Without warning , without any sense it was coming my cousin and her boyfriend were hit by a force that sent them both flying in to the air.

The two were flown in the air landing about ten feet apart on their backs on the dark side yard of the house .

Before either could react to what had just struck them my cousin started to scream as she fought with the night and her invisible attacker. Her boyfriend   watched in horror as my cousin tried to fight off something that he could not see.

He ran to her side as she punched and fought with the air. He could not believe his eyes. He tried to pull her up from the ground . Each time he would reach down to pull her up he would be shoved back to the ground  a few feet away from her. He could see her face was bleeding as she continued to scream and fight.

The boyfriend made a few more attempts to help her to only be thrown in the air away from her. My cousins face was covered with blood as were her arms. He knew he needed help and started to run and scream for the others to help him.

The teens ahead heard the struggle and started back towards them when they saw my cousins boyfriend being thrown through the air like a rag doll. Thank fully one of the girls knew immediately that they needed help and took off at a full run for the pastors cottage to get help and a phone. 

The girl made it to the pastors cottage in seconds . She pounded on his door half yelling half crying for help.

The young pastor was home and quickly opened the door stunned to find the hysterical girl at his door. She was able to tell him her friends were being attacked by something invisible at the old mansion and needed help. The young pastor did not blink or think twice. He grabbed three things,  A bat, a large wooden cross and a bible.

The girl and the pastor ran quickly back towards the old house. The scene before them was terrifying . My cousin lay on the ground covered in blood still fighting against her attacker. The other three teens  were trying to stop the attack to only be thrown all over the yard.

The pastor began to yell as he prayed as he ran to the group of teens fighting this evil invisible thing attacking them. The young pastor ran to the side of my cousin and placed the cross on her chest. It was thrown immediately into the air. The pastor yelled for the others to get it. He placed it back on her body holding it firmly in place with all his strength . He told the boys to help him and they all pressed the cross to her body. The pastor started to pray holding his bible to his heart.  The beating stopped . The pastor was cautious as he pulled my cousin to her feet.

For a few seconds it seemed as it was over.  The young pastor instructed the group to run towards the church . The pastor and boyfriend were dragging my cousin now badly beaten .

The group were nearly to the church yard edge when they all heard and felt it coming.
Behind them they could feel the ground shake as thunderous pounding footsteps  charged from behind towards them.  The pastor screamed for the group to continue running towards the church.

The corner of the old graveyard  that belonged to the little church was only a few yards ahead of them when the pounding earth coming at them stopped. The three teens entered the church owned land first and kept running towards the church at the commands of the young pastor.

The pastor , my cousin and her boyfriend were right behind them. As they  all passed the line on to the church property they  no longer felt their attacker behind them.  As the pastor and the boyfriend dragged my cousin towards the church they heard it.  From the yard of the old house came a howl of rage so horrifying all five teens broke in to tears.

The group made it to the church. The pastor brought all five teens in side of the little church and prayed over them before doing anything else. He then took them in to his little cottage where he called the police . My cousin was taken by ambulance to the local hospital where she was treated for her cuts and bruises and released.

The police wrote this incident up as teenagers assaulting each other . The hospital listed it as my cousin being in a fist fight. The young pastor was laughed at and ridiculed for playing in to the fantasies of the teens who let a haunted house trek get out of hand.

My cousin , her boy friend and the other three teens along with the young pastor all tell a different story. They tell of the night they came face to face with evil , fought it and won.

I believe my cousin of course . I know her to be a logical well balanced adult who had lived a productive good life. I will tell you she stayed in contact with that pastor her entire life.

That haunted house was fenced off at the pastors insistence shortly after this incident. The old house was finally taken down about  20 years ago. It did continue up until that time being known as the haunted house behind the church.
Who knows what evil  lurks in dark places ? My cousin will tell you only that it does exist.

Happy Halloween

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 The Cop- The Ghost and The Strange Encounters

A New York City Policeman told me a strange story recently. We know each other for many years and I will tell you this man is a skeptic on most things paranormal. His view is simple, if it didn’t happen to him he doesn’t believe it!

A few years ago this policeman  went on a camping trip out West in the wilderness of Montana. He was going with a group of his friends for a week of bonding with nature away from the big city.

The group consisted of five other policemen and a local man from the area where they were going to spend the week. 

After they arrived in  Montana they made their way out in to the wilderness area where they met up with the local man who was going to be their guide for the trip. The group hiked deep in to the forest. They arrived at their site to set up camp just before night fall. All was well as the men  enjoyed their  break from city life.

 About two days in to their camping adventure the men decided to hike to a near by deserted mine area to have a look around. 

The local man knew the area  took and had the group hike along an old abandoned road. The men were  walking along the road when they noticed a figure walking towards them from the direction of the old mine area. 

The men  could see that the person coming towards them was an older man carrying a sack like bag over his shoulder. As he grew closer they noticed the man was dressed in old style overalls,  wearing a worn out hat  that hung low down to his long unkempt gray beard. He looked as if he just stepped out of a hundred year old photo album.

The group of policemen stopped and stood silently as this old man walked past them on the opposite side of the road. They were rather shocked to see this old gent out here alone with only an old sack of items throw over his shoulder. They stood and looked at him as he walked by. The old man simply tipped his dirty old hat to the groups and muttered “Good day to you boys” and kept on walking.

The local man who was  guiding the men stood perfectly still watching the policemen as they encountered the old man  walking  by. 

Quickly the old man made his way past the group of men and around a bend in the road. They watched as he walked out of their sight still surprised to find him up here alone.

My friend turned toward the local man and asked “So, does that old timer live out here alone?” The local guide started to smile and threw his nap sack down on the ground. He looked at the men and told them to do the same. 

The men all dropped their gear and sat down to rest. The local man looked at each of the policemen and said, “Well boys, you just got your first look at ole Joe the ghost of the mine road.” They all laughed until they realized he was serious. One by one they stopped laughing. The guide continued- “Seriously guys -that was ole Joe”.

The local man then went about telling the group that the old miner has been walking the road for about one hundred years greeting all he passes with the same tip of the hat. No one knows why Joe walks the road and why he makes himself so clearly visible.   The fact of the matter is that old Joe does this and they  just saw him with their own eyes.

The group of skeptical policemen did not know how to process what they had just been told and had a hard time considering the old man who walked by them was a ghost. They mostly felt uncomfortable with the entire encounter.

The trip ended and the Cops returned home to their normal New York life and routines. They talked about the ghost of old Joe for many years after. It was an experience they could not forget.

My friend told me the story more than once over the years. He never admitted that old Joe was a ghost. He just said he did not know who the old man was or where he had come from or where he was headed along that deserted road in the middle of the wilderness. He also told me the old man had the oddest bright green eyes he had ever seen.

Skip ahead about ten years to the  October of 2008.  My policeman friend and I went to a dinner party hosted by mutual friends. While at the party the policeman told me about a experience he had that really confused and upset him.

He told me he was at work one night. He was patrolling  an old building  site on the upper west side of NYC that was part of his patrol area. He was  making his rounds which took him past  an ally between two buildings. He decided to walk down the alley to take a look around. 

It is a bad area and it was unusual for him to this while alone.  He told me he rarely wanders off without telling his partner but thought he  would only be gone  for a few minute. 

He was walking along the ally when all of a sudden out of nowhere a  man rushed at him. He  knew his attacker  wanted his weapon and cash and realized at once his attacker was trying to stab him.  He was able to  push the man off of him but he immediately  came  back at him. His attacker was strong and fast and my policeman friend was alone in the battle with him.

All of a sudden out of nowhere the policeman sees a old homeless guy pushing a shopping cart coming at him and his attacker as they are struggling. He told me the old mas  was right there-  just instantly there!

The old  man quickly shoved the over loaded shopping cart between the fighting men.  The old man was loudly mumbling something as he pushed the cart between them with a hard shove.

The sudden appearance of this old man and his assault with his cart at the fighting men shocked the man attacking the policeman . The cart being shoved between the fighting men placed enough distance between the cop and his attacker to break apart the shuffle.

By the time the old man passed between the fighting men the policeman was  able to right myself enough to subdue the guy and cuff him. 

The policeman looked at the old man as he passed between him and his attacker. The old man looked right at policeman  The old man was only a few feet away from the cops face. 

This is where the story gets crazy. The policeman swears this is true. He is sure  that the old man who saved him with the shopping cart  was the same old man he saw years ago on that mining road. He is sure it  was old Joe.

The cop told me he knows it sounds crazy but he told me he  never forget that old mans face, or his bright green eyes. The homeless guy who pushed that man off of him with his cart was the same man he saw on that road years ago. He is absolutely positive of it. 

My friend told me that after he was able to subdue the man he found a knife and knew he came close to being stabbed in the fight with the man. It clearly was the old man and his cart that gave him the advantage to take control of what could have ended in a deadly confrontation.

My friend looked that night and many nights to follow around that area for the old man. He told me that the night this took place he searched for hours the streets and alleys but could not find the old man or his cart. He told me that there was no one else in that alley that day besides him and his attacker until that old man appeared out of thin air. He told me the old guy seemed to disappear exactly as he appeared- miraculously!

My friend had no explanation for what occurred in that alley. He is positive it was the same old man he witnessed on that road years before on the camping trip along that deserted  mining road. The policeman knows  there was no reason for that man and his cart to be there that day in that alley. Certainly there was no reason for an old homeless man to walk into a dangerous fight.

My friend has no idea who that old man  is, or why he turned up on that deserted road years ago and again that day in the alley. He does know something extraordinary did happen.

I listened to the story of old Joe and how he helped my friend that day in the alley. It seems old Joe has decided to  look out for  my friend. I have no idea who he is or why he was there for him I am just happy he was.

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A  while ago I wrote an article about my adventure of investigating , with a bunch of my family members, the legendary Mt Misery Road here on Long Island , New York.

The road is known for  being haunted by way of  being a place with lots of old history including being the location of a civil war Hospital among other things.

For years people have been claiming to see ghosts along the road especially around the area of a very old cemetery

A handful of relatives and I  decided to take a trip along this road about a year or so ago and found it to be very interesting. The road is located in the middle of a very busy part of Long Island however stands out like a throbbing sore thumb as soon as you travel for a few minutes down the road and away from civilization. 

The area of this road has been preserved by old homesteads that  have become locked in time. The road and those around it are narrow  country roads lined with lots of open land belonging to the old houses that make up the area. There is a great deal of state owned property mixed in along the road making it very desolate and blocked from what the rest of Long Island has grown to be. 

Traveling down this road is like stepping back 200 years in history. Not only is it locked in a time warp it is also a very bleak eerie place that without question made my skin crawl. I did not enjoy my trip to this road or the area around it , in fact I could not wait to leave .

My family and I did not see anything we found ghostly during our first visit to Mt Misery Road and decided to track back to look at the old homestead of Walt Whitman in the area. When we reached the house we pulled over off the road to look in at the house and grounds. 

This was when two odd things occurred.   While looking at the house we heard an old time train whistle coming from the large state own preserve across from the house. My brother was in the back seat and commented that  there were no train lines in the area. We all thought it was odd but knew there could have been many reasons for hearing it including  the fact someone in the area may own an old  train whistle and uses it to call in kids or to announce the time. People do this kind of thing when living in a open country area.

Image Title 1
 Walt Whitman house - Huntington New York

The second thing to occur is a bit more confusing. As  my car full of family were all looking to the right side of the car towards the old homestead , I could feel something on my left and turned towards the driver's window where I was sitting. There right in front of my face an Asian man in a small black vehicle had driven right up to my window and was screaming at me. I did not hear him I watched him. His mouth was moving and his hands were over his head just raging at me.  I was stunned and said to the others in the car " What the ..?."  
I looked quickly towards my family sitting with me in the car to get their attention . It could have only been a second or two. I turned back to look at this crazy man to see only the back end of his car quickly pulling away. 

Again I turned to the others in the car asking if they had just seen that?  My partner in life was sitting next to me in the front in the passenger seat. He told me he saw the end of a dark vehicle driving off but nothing else. I tried to look in my mirrors to see where the man went. From where I was parked it was impossible to see  down the road. 

I pulled away and did a U turn to see if I could see where this odd man went. The road was empty in both directions . We decided to ride down the road as it was  impossible for his car to disappear from sight that quickly. We concluded he pulled in to a driveway. 

The man had no reason to be screaming at me as we were completely pulled off of the road and not blocking his passage. His rage  was strange so we wanted to see if he was a local who lived on the road and angry at our tourist behavior in his community

It became apparent once we started driving down the road that this man did not pull in to a close driveway or  another homestead as there were none. We drove up and down the road trying to figure out where this man disappeared to in his little black car who was screaming at us without sound or reason. I will never forget his rage or how although yelling at us we heard nothing. 

That event cured my need to visit Mt Misery Road. . I found the area depressing and the event with this strange man uncomfortable . I wrote about the event and forgot about it.

One of my sisters and her husband both work in medicine. They are science minded people who until proven otherwise keep a rather skeptical view of things considered unknown.

She told me once about a year ago that every now and then they use Mt Misery Road as a short cut across  Long Island to travel from the North to the South Shore. She told me it was very unusual due to the fact it is like stepping back in history and time and she was captivated to have a living view of what life was like a few hundred years ago. 

She did not mention this road to me since she told me that and I thought nothing about it - until recently.
My sister called me and told me she had a very strange experience with her husband driving along Mt Misery Road. She told me they were slowly making their way along the road as it was very overgrown in areas and the foliage was overtaking some of the already narrow passage the cars had  to travel along the old road.
My sister  told me her husband had her  pull off the road along the state land as a large branch was blocking most of the road and her husband felt it made for a dangerous obstacle and wanted to hop out and throw it back in to the woods. 

She said her husband was in the process of tossing the old limb back into the wooded area along the side of the road when out of nowhere ahead of them about 40 or 50 feet down the road  an Asian man appeared in the middle of the road. He was shirtless with black pants on. He was waving his arms at them and appeared to be angry with them.

My brother in law was a bit stunned for a second and stood and looked at the man. He  put up his hands in a no problem gesture and yelled down to the man " I do not want any problems buddy - just clearing the road. We are leaving now".

My sister's husband got back in the car  and told my sister to lock the doors and to keep driving. My sister hesitated for a moment as the man was ahead of them and frankly he frightened her.

The Asian man walked to the side of the street . Her husband thought he went back up his driveway and told her to simply stay in the middle of the road and drive on. He wanted to leave the area as to not upset the man any further. Obviously he was not completely normal  or he would not be shirtless or yelling in the road.

My sister started the car and gunned it down the road. They drove past the area the man was standing only to find congested woods on both sides of the road. They kept driving but did not come to another driveway or street for about a half of a  mile . They were confused about what they saw and found a police care once they drove back to the populated area and told him what had happened.

Of course the police were not interested but did agree to drive down the road to see if the man was harassing cars and drivers.

We have no idea if he did go or if he did find anyone or anything. I found their experience as odd as our own and think that Mt Misery Road  has yet another strange ghostly inhabitant protecting the area.

I told the story of what happened to my sister and her husband to my brother who is visiting me for the summer. He wanted to  take a trip over to that area to take some pictures of the old homesteads and history that is part of the area. I had little interest in returning but agreed to take a quick ride down the road so he could take his photos but told him anything at all odd and we were out of there.

The road remained as I had last seen it locked in the past and for me bleak and eerie. I do not like being there at all. 

My brother took the photos he wanted and we were leaving the area when he was drawn to a very old house that was abandoned sitting along  the side of the road.  He insisted I stop the car and we both got out of the car and stood directly in front of the old place.

I stood looking clearly at it and did not see anyone or anything around. It was extremely quiet around the old house. I noticed I did not even hear birds or the normal sounds of summer while I stood in front of the house. I did not like the house and it made me extremely uncomfortable.

My brother was captivated by the old place and kept taking photos of it. I finally felt so creepy at this old place that I got in the car and threatened to leave my brother there if he did not get in the car with me. He agreed the place had a bad feel and jumped in the car when I started to drive away.

Days went by before my brother decided to load his photos into his computer. When he did he sent me  a few photos with this question  " What is that in the upstairs window? Did you see anything when you were standing there?" 

I looked at his photos and quickly saw what he was questioning. There in one photo is how the house appeared to me when I was standing in front of it. I walked with my brother and stood next to him when he took the second photo which in time were only about 15 seconds apart  when he took them. I was looking at the house carefully both times and did not see anything.

It may  be nothing however on the one  photo it clearly looks like something is in the window second to the right on the second floor of this old house. I have no idea why this looks as it does. My brother does not think it is a trick of the light . I have no idea what to think. I will tell you I have no intentions of going back to find out.

 Photos taken that day with one below showing odd shape in second floor window that was not there seconds before.

My brother wants to return to take careful photos to see if he can capture anything else. I told him he is on his own . All I can say is that things are very odd on Mt Misery Road and I guess that is why is has the reputation as the most haunted road on Long Island.

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