Tis the Season

Tis the Season

July 18, 2016

Brad Steiger and Randy Maugans Book Reviews

Book Review Journeys of the Unknown by People Like You and Me    by Brad and Sherry Steiger

Highly recommended but best read before bedtime.

Chris Holly is one of those remarkable authors who makes the readers feel as though they have been invited into her home for a cup of coffee or tea. After a bit, when everyone is comfortable, Chris begins in more serious to ask, "Do you believe in ghosts?" or Have you ever seen a UFO?" or "Did I ever tell you about the time there was a monster waiting in our house to do me ill? Even the policemen we called were frightened by this strange creature. And no one knows what it was!"

And now you are hooked. You aren't going to move until she finishes the story.So it is with her new book Journeys with the Unknown by People Like You and Me, a book of chilling accounts with ghosts, UFO's, Aliens Abductors, Bigfoot, Vampires, Past Lives, Strange Creatures, from out someone's Nightmares, and Psychic Sensitives--- All of which happened to " people like you and me "

A word of advice: Sherry and I have been investigating haunted houses and haunted people , conducting exercises when demonic activity so warranted and encountering UFO intelligence across the USA and overseas for decades, but the inexperienced may find some of Chris Holly's accounts more than a little unsettling . Be forewarned: This book is not bedtime reading-- or you will be awake the rest of the night jumping at shadows.

Brad and Sherry Steiger, authors Real Visitors ,Voices from Beyond, and Parallel Dimensions

Chris Holly: The Curious Observer-Real Time Paranormal Experiencer
By Randy Maugans

Chris Holly is a long time veteran journalist in the paranormal realms of the internet. Both her personal perspective and her passion for capturing authentic stories that involve real people, have distinguished her from the standard "woo woo" fare of blogs and YouTube channels. The stories she presents mix urban legend, disturbing event, with a wry wit and a twist of psychological “whodunit”. Her voice is one of both the curious observer and involved participant, mixing empathy with a distanced reasoning facility.

These stories are "real"---not because we can prove them---but because they spring from the collective mirror reality that merges “fiction” with hardcore life experiences. Chris chronicles the events, small and large, that go unnoticed by the average person. These temporal synchronicities we call the "paranormal" are reflections of the human psyche---"snapshots" of the collective dream we call life. Many of the experiencers you will meet in these books are "normal", stable, everyday people who stepped into the dark zone of a life unbidden. Chris, as always, focuses on the HUMAN aspect: the part of us that both rejects and embraces the fantastic; and in doing so, she invites us into another world, where we can choose to become magnificent creatures of light and spirit, or merge into the shadowlands of the horrifying.

Randy Maugans is the creator-host of OffPlanet Radio/TV. Since 2009, he has explored the fringes of science, technology, the paranormal and human experience under the operative: “The Truth is out there, it is INSIDE you.” The shows and blogs can be found at

July 10, 2016


 photo be333cd1-063a-4bd7-8e50-0164987339c6_zps6c0e0be1.jpg

 It is rather well-known thanks to the internet and the paranormal circles that Nazi scientists were brought to the United States after World War II ended. It is also well known that a large group of these extreme scientists was set up with a secret lab where they worked on their notorious dangerous many times immoral experiments on Plum Island located on the end of Long Island in the state of New York. This secret government lab operated for many years.

 This infamous dangerous Island was known by those living on Long Island as something to stay away from and fear. The Island is about 3 miles long and 1 mile wide which is frightening considering the dangerous horrors that took place over the years in the lab build on the Island. It is only a short boat ride from the tip of Long Island.

Plum Island has been called Monster Island as well as killer Island - due to the work that was done in the lab concerning animal diseases as well as many other horrible experiments. As a local Long Islander, I can only say I believe Plum Island was as close to a living hell as we can get. It was closed a few years ago however it may never be decontaminated enough to use for any purpose. It is and will remain a stain on humanity.

Besides Plum Island being located at the end of Long Island New York we had the very strange military base known as Camp Hero, located only a few miles from Plum Island, which thankfully also is closed. 

For as long as I can remember, which would cover the last 60 years at least, long Island has been a hotspot of reported UFO sightings which continue to this day.

 Long Island also has its share of those who have experienced lost time and abduction events during its history as well. It may be coincidental and easily fluffed off however I am not a fan of coincidental events and believe it far more likely to be tied to the fact that Plum Island and Camp Hero were located on the end of Long Island. 

I think that Long Island may be an area on this planet that is easy access for space travelers to enter and exit our planet as well as a land mass that is close to a large city yet located in an area of land at the end of Long Island that was  sparsely populated and floating in the Atlantic Ocean making access to the open sea immediate and easy. 

Years ago the area had a very low population making the nefarious activities of Plum Island and Camp Hero possible.

 The local people were cautious and silent to the operations of each of these facilities as they did not want problems and did benefit financially from having the lab and military base in the area. It worked out well for all parties for many years.

I think by now we all have read or watched a TV show that discusses the subject of German scientist either back engineering or developing UFOs for the Nazi’s during World War II. It has been said that there is information claiming that Nazi Germany had contact with an alien species and had been working with them.

It is also well known that after the war ended the United States brought many of the German scientists to America to continue their work in USA labs. Plum Island is well known to be one of the labs that employed many of the German Scientists.

 I find this fact extremely upsetting in its own right knowing that these were scientists that worked without any moral compass for the Nazis and were now working on American soil doing their evil deeds on our homeland. I have to add in the strange accounts of many who claim extremely dangerous awful experiments on humans were also during those years taking place at Camp Hero. 

I have no problem thinking that with the German scientists came whatever UFO technology they had conquered or captured including contact with aliens. It would certainly explain the ongoing reports of strange objects flying over Long Island, especially in the 1960’s when both Camp Hero and Plum Island were in their hay day of activity.

 It was not uncommon to hear a report of someone being taken or having contact with beings by Long Islanders that included human looking aliens. It very well could be that these poor people were being used by the insane experiments of the once Nazi scientists who not only may have had contact but were working with an alien species. 

Using the innocent locals for their needs or to experiment on is as likely as any other explanation to why so many events happened at that time on Long Island. It also could explain many events of this nature that occurred along the New England coastline opposite Long Islands shoreline. 

Now year’s later Long Island is free of both Camp Hero and Plum Island, however, it now is said to house a HAARP machine only a few miles away from where both of those facilities once operated. Reports of large flying Orbs have been reported across Long Island and the Atlantic Ocean coastline as well plus of course all of our recent extreme strange weather. It just seems too coincidental to me for all of these things to have anything to do with coincidence!

 I have not researched other locations around the world to see if there are places where both secret government labs and high-security military bases are located near each other that also have HAARP machines in the area. If we do have areas that coincidentally, like Long Island, house these things together, are they also areas of frequent UFO sightings too? 

So many things that go on seem outrageous and ridiculous to think as true however I will tell you from firsthand experience that strange things happen every day and our closed minds and refusal to accept the extreme is exactly what allows the events to occur and continue. Consider that some things are as clear and black and white as they appear. Understand strange and dangerous dark events take place every day in many places. 

Sometimes they happen right in front of your face in your hometown to those you know and love. Decide to start to look hard at the truth of the reality around you and brace yourself for what you may discover. Know the more you learn and the more we understand the less time we will spend living in the dark ages of the unknown

Post date note on this subject:

Since I last wrote this article I was informed by the local people living on the end of Long Island that Plum Island never did close down nor was it moved. It remains open and continued doing the horrible things they have been doing for over 70 years. 

They continue to develop deadly things that they also let slip into the human population. The truth about Plum Island is lied about to all of us and this deadly Island is kept running with only the worst of mankind working on the most deadly of things too close to a large population.

 The fact this continues to go on is total insanity.  I know a TV special recently aired that gave a truthful look at what is going on at Plum Island. The TV show was immediately debunked by news reports that the Island is being closed and will be sold. Hey, that is exactly what they told us years ago. The media told us that Plum island was closed and had been moved to Kansas. Instead, it remained and continued to do business as usual.

The fact this island exists where it does which is right at the tip of Long Island far too close to large populations of people doing disastrous things that could kill us all is completely beyond acceptable yet it continues day after day. I am tired of the careless actions of our government and the horror that is allowed to continue at this god forsaken lab. 

The media talks about closing it and selling the Island for private development . The idea of that statement is an insult to our intelligence. I have had more than one scientist who has been to Plum Island tell my that it would not be possible to decontaminate Plum Island , not know, and most likely not possible at all.

This Island has been linked to UFO's, aliens, deadly disease. terrifying  creatures and other horrors yet it continues along with a large middle finger pointed to those who dare question it.

I am both disgusted with this subject and frightened of it. It may be time for me to consider leaving my beautiful Long Island for safer ground.

  Copyright ©  2016 Chris Holly all Rights Reserved
Chris Holly’s Endless Journey with the Unknown-

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June 30, 2016

The Spirits at Sally’s House

Sally is a friend of mine. I have known her since I was 7 years old. She is a very kind person who has had a life filled with spirits, ghosts or guardian angels. I am not sure what follows Sally but I do know they are there and they protect and guide her.

Sally has lived in the same house her entire life. When Sally married years ago her parents gave Sally and her husband the family home as a gift. Sally has lived there her entire marriage. She raised her children in this house and to this day, still lives in that old family home.

During her lifetime Sally has had good times and bad. The only difference with Sally and other people is that when Sally has an extreme happening in her life, the spirits around her let themselves be known. I know this for a fact as I have witnessed these events first hand while at Sally’s house.

The first time Sally became aware she was going to a mother was when we were sitting in her dining room having a cup of tea.

 Sally, her sister and I were sitting around talking when Sally mentioned she thought she might be expecting, but she added: 

“ I am not sure yet”. The second Sally said that a guitar that was hanging on the wall in the dining room started to play. It did not make a few notes due to weather change or temperature adjustment, it played a part of a song!

When the guitar started to strum this little tune I did what anyone would do, I jumped to my feet yelling:

 “ Oh my God, oh my God” 

with my hands in the air frightened to death. Sally and her sister were a bit more laid back and just sat there. I then ran out of the dining room with Sally and her sister running after me. I kept running, knocking chairs out of my way and spewing books on a shelf near the door all over the floor until I was outside and away from the house.

Sally and her sister finally calmed me down enough so I could focus on what was going on.

 Sally and her sister then explained that they think the spirits of all the family members who lived there before them still hang around. I just stood and stared at them. They went on to tell me that often when either a very good thing happens or very bad things are coming, odd events like the guitar playing, happen in the house.

Years passed and I started to become accustomed to the odd happenings at Sally’s house. 

One year Sally’s brother seemed to be out of sorts. Sally thought he may need help but was hesitate on insisting he go to a doctor to see why he looked so sickly and was acting so oddly.

 Sally and I were talking about it while we were out shopping. I had seen her brother the night before and was stunned at how awful he looked. I was trying to convince Sally to insist her brother go to a doctor. 

The conversation of my concern was still going on as we unlocked Sally’s front door and entered her house. As soon as we walked into the house a putrid smell hit us both. It was overpowering we both started to retch and run to open the windows. The house smelled like rotting meat.

We searched the entire house and found nothing that could be causing this odor. Then, without rhyme or reason, the odor was gone. It simply vanished. We stood in her living room looking at each other. With that, we heard a muffled meowing from upstairs. Sally looked at me and said: 

 “That sounds like Sammy.” 

We both ran up the stairs following the sound of the family cats little cries. We followed it to a big dresser that was standing in the hallway in front of and blocking an old linen closet. The cat continued to cry. We pushed the big heavy chest out of the way and pulled open the linen closet door to find Sammy wedged on the top shelf terrified and shaking. We pulled the cat down and comforted the frightened animal the best we could.

How the cat got into that closet or why that house smelled was simply a confusing unknown. We searched and found no sign of a break-in. Nothing had been taken, the house seemed perfectly fine other then the fact it had that overpowering smell and Sammy was found locked away in a blocked closet!

Sally insisted her brother go to the doctor the next day. The doctor told the family that if her brother had waited another day he might have died. His heart needed immediate surgery, which saved his life. I think Sally was forced by that house event to get her brother the help he needed.

I had a few incidents of my own in Sally’s house that I will never forget. Again in her dining room sharing tea with Sally and her sister.

 This time, we were talking about my decision to get married or not. I was in love and very happy but extremely nervous about making the final commitment. I was telling my two friends that I just wish I knew what the right thing was to do. I remarked I thought it was time for me to be a married woman. As soon as those words came out of my mouth a music box sitting on the hutch in the dining room started to play. It was playing the wedding waltz tune that my grandmother had in the music box she was given on her wedding day, that I now owned.

I sat and listened to the lovely little box play the beautiful little song. I asked my friends: 

“ How they got the music box to play at that exact moment? “

 My friends looked at me and. Sally said:

 “We didn’t.” 

I looked at them and replied an articulate: 


 Sally got up and walked to the music box and brought it back to the table and placed it in front of me. She then said: 

“ Turn it over and look at it, you have to wind it to play, and look at the songs it plays, it is right there on the label where you wind it up.”

I turned the box over and saw the key where you wind it to make it play. I also read the song titles; it said Jingle Bells and Silent Night. I turned the key until it was tight and placed the music box on the table to play. In a soft bell-like ringing the box played Jingle Bells followed by Silent Night. They were the only songs this music box played. I was stunned. How could this be, how did it play a song not programmed on the music box? 

 I was told it only plays those two songs. I was also told I should get married as the angels of the house approved!

The activity in this house continues to this day. I have witnessed a group of angel sculptures dance around on a fireplace mantel while bells were heard as they shook around in circles.

 I also have been in conversations while the TV sets in the house switched on and off by themselves over and over. 

I have watched as my watch was removed from where I placed it on the counter minutes before to be found later on the dashboard of my car. The events in this house are countless, and to this day continue.

The thing of it all, with this house and its events, is that they do not frighten you, once you get use to them. The family uses the events as the opinions and guidance of those who lived there before them. The family feels it is done in love and caring and often considers the strange events the opinions of those who look over them.

I have no idea what is going on in Sally’s house. I do know the events happen. I do know they happen often and I find the attitude of the family the key to making the unknown second nature for this family. They simply think of it as another voice to consider when big issues are at hand. They feel it is just one of the relatives, long past, throwing their two cents into whatever is going on.

I wonder about Sally’s house sometimes. I think it best left exactly as it is. It certainly seems that everyone and every spirit involved seems to be doing fine. The only one who seems a bit annoyed now and then is Sammy! However, a little cuddle and a new mouse toy to chase and even Sammy seems to be content!
  Copyright ©  2016 Chris Holly all Rights Reserved
Chris Holly’s Endless Journey with the Unknown

June 22, 2016



                                          MY NEW PAPERBACK

I am happy to present my new book that is the collection of all my eBooks stories in one paperback form. I selected my favorite articles of the experiences and encounters of the people I have interviewed over the last 10 years to share with all of you. I hope you will enjoy this trip into the unknown as much as I have.  You can click on the amazon button here or on the border of my blog on the right to buy my book or my eBooks. Thank you all

                                                     Chris Holly

May 17, 2016

Chris Holly and Randy Maugans discuss the unknown and more

Chris and Randy discuss many topics of the unexplained and unknown

 I am busy working as I will be adding four new eBooks and two paperback books to my collection of reading material written by me about the events, encounters and sightings of the unknown by people just like you, You will be able to in find it all available at Amazon.

May 3, 2016

Summer and Saucers in the Sixties

When I was a child my parents had very good friends that lived nearby. We all lived in a small hamlet along the coast of Great River located on the south shore coast of Long  Island New York.

My parent's friends  were a lovely quiet  conservative family who was not prone to flights of fancy or believing anything without hard facts to back it. They were a serious, successful couple who lived a  careful, well-planned life of thoughtful reflection and controlled emotion.

 My parents enjoyed their company. My family and my parent's friends family would often spend time sharing BBQ;s in our yards or having clambakes along the waters edge during the long summer nights. We shared many good times with this other family.

The event I am going to tell you about happened shortly after the Fourth of July during the early 1960's. It was a Saturday night in early July

.My parents friends were celebrating their wedding anniversary on this particular  Saturday night in July. They had gone out to dinner and decided afterwards on the way  home to take a drive in their new Cadillac convertible  with the top down to the village dock to star gaze for a few minutes before returning home. The night was clear and the stars bright and clear.

 The next day my family was sitting around having Sunday breakfast when the phone rang . My father answered it. My parent's friend was on the phone asking my father if he and my mother could stop over and help him as he was having some sort of problem with his wife and needed their help. Of course, my parents went right over rather concerned about such an odd request.

Hours later my parents came home and told us that their friends had a strange experience the night before at the village dock My father explained how after dinner the couple had taken a ride in their new car with the top down to the dock  They rode down to the docks edge where two other cars were also parked—the  occupants of the other cars were  also taking in the beautiful summer night sky.

 My parent's friends said they were sitting there only a few minutes soaking in the night when they noticed a light coming in off the bay at the mouth of the river toward them.

The husband  told my father it   happened quickly In a matter of seconds. As they sat in the car  they could see the light coming into the river  take form and right there, hovering in front of them over the river, was a huge craft—a huge flying saucer.

The man told my father that along with the other people parked at the rivers dock  they immediately became terrified and tried to start their cars in order to drive away.

They felt  very vulnerable with the  car top down but  he could not get the motor running or the top mechanism to work in order to close the convertible  top for  some protection.

 He had explained to my father that the huge flying saucer just floated with a low, dull hum over the river for about a minute when the light show started.

The body of the craft  began to change colors— the grey first was  blue then red then orange and then back to blue. His wife began to panic and scream and tried to crawl over the side of the car.

He  could not start the car, He saw that  the other people in the other cars were running into the wooded areas adjacent to the dock as their cars also refused to start. He grabbed his wife and they did the same.

They ran into the foliage along the rivers edge and found a large fallen tree. They hid under the tree . From there they could see the river and that the craft was now shooting brilliant rays of incredible neon light across the water. They hid and watched in total fear. The craft continued to do this for about ten minutes. It then turned back to its original dull grey color and as quickly as it had made its way down the river, it made its way back up the river and took off into the night sky.

Within seconds, it went from being right in front of them to becoming a tiny dot of light barely visible in the sky above them.

One of the owners of the other cars had made his way back to the dock and his  car . The others all watched as he started his car. Everybody then ran to their respective cars and sped away from that dock, engines roaring and wheels screeching.

A few weeks passed with this being the main talk of the community. The people were anxious and looking for  an explanation from the local police. Instead, the only  response was the entire experience  was becoming the laugh of the town as if the  'river people' had gone nutty.

My father now kept his shotgun loaded, and started to lock the house tightly at night. The other people who lived along the rivers coast seemed on edge too and we all stayed  closer to home especially at night.

 The worst of it was the wife of my parent's friend who was there that night started to decline quickly.  She started taking lots of pills and drinking heavily. This once well-groomed, conservative lady was now often messy or drugged so that she constantly slept..  My parents were often upset and my mom received calls nearly every day asking for her to go check on her friend while her husband was at work. My world seemed to be turned upside down by this night of lights in the summer sky.

Eventually, the summer turned to fall and school started. The lady who was my parent's friend never did get  back to her usual self  and  her husband decided to buy a smaller house closer to his work and other family members so that he could better care for her. He kept his river home but seemed only to ride out and check it alone on weekends. We never saw them much after that.

My parents decided to sell our river home the following summer. I am unsure how much this incident contributed to their decision but we did leave our riverside haven and moved into the town near more people and far from the water’s edge.

I have no idea what happened that night over the river. I do not know what was there or what made the wife of my parent's friend snap like she did. I do know she lived out the rest of her life broken from what she witnessed that night about the river.

I realized as I grew up that this couple obviously had far more happen to them that night and either the husband did not remember it or choose to stay silent about it however it damaged his wife for life.

I often wonder how many other people like this couple and all those who were at that dock that night have similar stories about strange things seen on lovely summer nights.

♥ Copyright © 2008- 2016  Chris Holly all Rights Reserved 
Chris Holly’s Endless Journey with the Unknown- 

April 20, 2016

Are They Mine- Abductees Worst Fear

alien photo: alien Future_Winter_by_TheDreaming1.jpg

During the past few years, I have written about people who have had strange encounters with alien or unknown beings as well as lost time events.  The people involved in these events are often referred to as contactees or experiences or abductees. They are people who are taken against their will having their lives and bodies invaded or used until they are returned confused and with no or little memory of what took place . Many of these people started having strange events occur to them as small children as young as age three. Most of the encounters are vague at best in memory while messages or ideas seem to become implanted in the minds of those taken which they, in turn, feel compelled to explain or share after the abduction or lost time experience.

I have interviewed many people who have been through this time of the event and have found many similar threads that run through this community of people. Today I want to discuss one of those similarities. Among the abduction victims, I have talked to the subject of children or being used for the collection of biological  material to use fora inter-species reproduction project seems to be the main concern for these people. The subject comes into the conversation usually by the abductee as this seems to be a topic that weighs heavily on their minds. The idea of being used to produce a child or life form that is only half human and that half coming from them is an idea that pushes the abductees to a point of deep concern and fear. I have been told over and over that their worse fear would be for them to come face to face with a being that they thought was theirs by way of their abductions.

I know this fear has been realized in a few cases where those who have experienced these events have an experience where either children or teens are shown to abductees without explanation. Odd looking children or teens will in strange places appear and walk over and either simply look at or speak a few words tot he abductees before quickly walking away or vanish before the abductee can react to them leaving the abductees with a deep implanted feeling that they were shown their alien hybrid children.

The people who have had this happen to seem to be rare however they all were seriously shaken by the event, They are people who carry the images of these children or teens with fear anguish and upset after the experience making their life harder as they struggle why they are the one who has been chosen to endure these horrid abduction experiences .

I have worked with and have become friends with Randy Maugans who is the host of Off Planet Radio.  Randy and I have worked together on his shows and as I mentioned become friends due to the fact we share a great deal in common with our thinking and personal experiences with the unknown.

Randy is a life long experiences  with strange events happening to him when he was a small child of about three. He has continued with odd events and lost time scenarios during his entire lifetime. Although Randy radio show covers the subjects of the unknown Randy has only recently started to discuss his own experiences recently.

Randy and I were discussing a show we were preparing to work on together when I started to ask him a bit more about his own encounters. Randy floored me when he mentioned that a few years ago he had a truly upsetting experience that has kept him nervous and confused since.

Randy was working late and took a break at dinner time to go get something to eat. He was sitting at an outdoor table during the summer eating all alone when two strange young people approached him. Randy has agreed to tell us in his own words what took place ;

" I was having dinner at a Chinese take out place one night in September 2010. The place had a covered area with tables outside. It was a nice night so I went out and sat down to eat my dinner. I was the only one there at the time eating. I was busy with my dinner when I felt someone was there or looking at me so I looked up to find two young people standing a few feet away from me.

The moment I notice them both of them walked right up to my table inches from where I sat, One was a teenage male in his late teens the other a teen female a bit younger, They were very strange looking. They were both on the tall side but extremely thin. They wore jeans but they did not look like a normal teen as they had on odd shirts and wore their hair unlike most kids, I know I have a house full of teenagers,  They had pale skin and extremely large eyes, The eyes were blue but way too big for their faces and skull.  They had straight slit-like pupils not round like ours.The boy had shaggy dark blonde hair the girl dark straight hair with large widows peek.

The two of them stood close and over me until the male bent down a bit and I heard in my head his voice saying "Hello how are you " He did not communicate this orally it was done mentally. With that, the two of them stepped back and quickly took off into the parking lot area.

The Chinese restaurant is in a strip mall  the restaurant  is the located on the end being the last store in the strip. I was extremely shaken at what had just happened and got up immediately and stepped out into the parking lot which I could clearly see from my area and searched for them. It was only seconded that passed yet I could not see them anywhere, I knew they did not even have enough time to make it to a car much less disappear from the parking area, I walked around and looked but could not find any sign of them. I returned to my table however was so upset by the event that I was physically shaking and needed to calm down before I was able to drive and return to work.

I knew that the two were not fully human and will tell you that one horrid thought went through my mind as I sat there experiencing this while they were in front of me and every day since. The horror that flowed through me then and still does now is one thought -  are they mine?

Once I returned to work I immediately took notes and drew a sketch of what I had just experienced. I have to tell you that this event is one that really has and still does shake me to my bone. "

Below are Randy's notes and sketch from that day.

Eyes: approximately 1/3 size larger than normal (the drawing is a visual representation, but not exact); (creepy) the irises of both subjects were elliptical, not round. I recall both subjects eyes were light-colored: the male had green-blue eyes; the female’s eyes were nearly translucent with a slight blue tint—it was quite stunning.

The ears were not “pointy”, but slightly more elongated than the average human subject; the lobes were either attached or did not exist’

Hard to show in the sketch, but the cranial (foreheads) were more prominent; i.e.- frontal cranium had a very noticeable protrusion.

The female subject had a noticeable “widows peak”; the male, as I recall did not but the hair was also longish likely more of a forward sweep. Male’s hair was light, or blondish, the female’s hair was dark…black? Can’t say for certain now.

The heights of the subjects were, relative to my height (5’11-1/2”)—male around 5’11”, female around 5’8” or so (sketch, right sideline sketch). 

When I saw Randy's sketch I was a bit shocked as many years ago I talked with a man before the world was discussing these strange events of lost time and abduction to a man who had  a few UFO sightings in his lifetime. He was in his 80 years old at the time but sharp and clear in his thinking. He told me of his fear that he had alien children and also had sketched three young children about 12 who looked very much like the ones Randy drew. I wish I had kept the drawing but it was over 20 years since I last saw this man and I was not yet gathering information in the fashion I try to do now and can not longer find his sketch, I do recall the three children had large eyes were very thin and also spoke to him as he said in his head.

I talked to one of the abductees that I interviewed over the last few years about what happened to Randy to find out if she knew of any others who had this experience. At once she burst into tears and said: " This man  ( Randy) lived my worst nightmare". She explained that her worst fear since she had started to be taken in her late teens was that one day she too would be shown children that were alien and half her flesh and blood and the thought has terrorized her for years, I did not know how to comfort her as I think all abductees feel the same way. Randy was just chosen for some reason to be shown what may have been his.

Maybe the reason Randy feels compelled to dive into the unknown with his radio shows is due to his experiences with the unknown . Maybe his being shown those two beings was so Randy would discuss it and bring the idea of it out to the public to consider as the time for us to learn more truth in these matters starts to come closer and closer.

I believe that the reason those like Randy are the ones taken relates to their biology and DNA as well as blood type . Many if not almost most abductees I have come to know all share the odd coincidence of having RH negative blood factor which is rare in the overall population but usual in the abduction population . You find other factors as well including eye color and family background origins, Many have Irish family lines  as well as other similar traits, I think those taken are taken not for who they are as an individual but of the body chemistry they were born with, That also explains why many abduction cases can be known to run in families .

Whatever it going on and whatever  Randy encountered that night I think it all adds up to the fact it is the time we understand this is knowledge we are being shown and given and realize how important it is to share and learn from it. What Randy experienced and all those who have been taken realize is that this is not a TV horror movie or fiction . These are not new movie trailers we are discussing or scary stories to entertain you, We take our time to tell you these things as they happen to real people just like you all the time and we need to stop being so ignorant of things we do not understand and must start to try to grasp on to the fact that it is time to stop being ridiculous and start wanting to know what the hell is going on out there before it may just be too late, With knowledge and in strength we can continue as a species in ignorance and divided we will fail.

You can find Randy Maugans show@

March 28, 2016

Abduction- Questions and Answers by Real TIme Abductees

I had an interesting conversation recently concerning my article about  two sisters and their difficulties over a lifetime of lost time abduction encounters.

The conversation was based on the fact that not only have I come to the conclusion that writing about  real time abductions was a waste of  my time and the Real Time Abductees time too.

 I explained that writing about this group of   unusual  people and their experiences did not seem to interest the public or any other group or researchers at all. The fact the real time abductees could have been a wealth of data on the subject of abduction and lost time did not seem to be of interest to anyone in any form.

I am sure a great deal of it was due to the fact that my articles about their experiences were told as they related it which was in a logical truthful fashion. My articles were not filled with movie script type detailed colorful descriptions of amazing aliens and their crafts. I do not write horror or fantasy I write what really goes on which I feel is just too boring and black and white for the paranormal reader.

 Long ago the lines between good entertainment for fun and real research became so distorted in the subjects we consider unknown that truth , fiction, fraud and research became so convoluted that all real answers to real questions have been lost, Trying to work in this area using fact or truth without the color became impossible  or so confused that it is at the  point of being  impossible.

Real-time abduction is events that occur to people who are fully awake and alert who are going about the business of their normal daily routines who are suddenly abducted against their will.

These people suffer lost time and find they are returned often to a different place from where they were taken . They are ill , dazed and at times hurt. They can recall when the event starts but have little memory of what happens to them before they find themselves waking hours later.

 Some of the abductees have flashed memories of what took place during their abductions. Some return with knowledge or skills or thoughts they did not have before they were taken. Many suffer these events more than once during their life. All are somehow changed during the experience.

During my years of writing about these fascinating people, I promised them that I would answer without embellishment any questions giving the most truthful answers I could to the questions asked.

 It took courage for the abductees to allow me to write about them or to   questions concerning their experiences.  The fact that  not one person or group or organization ever wanted any information concerning their ordeals with these strange abductions  made these people recoil from reaching out and closed the door at my attempts at finding answers.

 Finally, after all of  these years, we have had someone ask a few questions about their abduction events. After a conversation with the abductees, it was decided that I could answer the handful of questions before I end my adventure of writing about this group of people I refer to as the Real Time Abductees.

Adding salt to the wound of rejection for the abductees is the fact that the questions were not even asked directly to me or them but came by way of an email of a third party who was corresponding with the  person who finally did ask a few questions about the abductees encounters. I found the questions to be thoughtful and decided as my last article on the subject of Real-Time Abduction to answer these questions, I know that there is a wealth of data being lost with these people however, I have tried my best to find an audience or place that could benefit and learn from them and have found only silence and disinterest in what they have to say or warn us about concerning their abduction encounters,

Below are the questions with the answers following each question:

Question :  What occurred during the abductions? 

Answer:  Nothing during this abduction of  the two sisters case as it was stopped ,however, during the battle to stop it both women were hurt as the article about the two sisters  explains. 
 Other abductees do have flash memories of what took place including the recall of multiple beings surrounding the abductee or bright lights making it difficult to see what is going on around them.

 The abductees I refer to as the Real Time Abductees have no clear memory of being examined or touched. All of the abductees agree that they have had their memory wiped clean of the events before they are returned. Some flashes of what took place do remain in a few of the abductees . Others feel their abductors wiped too much memory taking with it parts of their lifetime  memories  that they can no longer remember.

 Question :  What are the lingering health problems? 
This is a very lengthy list that includes many different problems for different people. I will give the overall problems they all share. 

The spine , neck and skeleton of the abductees all have been altered leaving them with issues from compression to actual breaks. Many have had large spurs grow in odd places that burrow into the surrounding muscle leaving them in constant pain Almost all have had to seek long-term medical help to deal with some form of spinal and bone issues. It has been common for an abductee to be told that they show that bones they never broke now show clear signs upon being x-rayed of having been broken.

There are cases when  a shoulder or large bone shows it was without question broken and  has healed poorly.

 Back fractures also are commonly found. One of the abductees was asked when they had the accident as both a bad shoulder and broken back were found that had healed in the past was found when they had  X-rays taken for a different health issue. Of course, the abductee never had an accident or broken bones that they knew of until X-rayed  This is a scenario that plays out often with abduction victims.

All of the abductees suffer from a flu-like sickness with a red raised rash on their back or chest that lasts for about two weeks after an abduction.  It can flare up at will during their lifetime for a few years after an abduction,

All the abductees have problems with light and cannot tolerate bright sun or bright lights of any kind including fluorescent lighting. All of the abductees require very dark sunglasses and sit in shaded areas as the bright sun both blinds them and causes their eyes to hurt.

Many of the abductees suffer from very large red rashes that come and go which are uncontrollable and painful. One abductee has a growing reptile like scale rash spreading across her body that does not respond to any treatment.

The abductees have issues that would be presented in those who have had problems with their adrenal , pituitary and thyroid functions. 

This is just a partial list of the problems they deal with, On the other side of the coin the abductees all have had their IQ increase and have been able to increase their skill sets with ease. 

The strangest thing they all share and cannot explain is that they return with new knowledge about something  they did not have before the abduction or with thoughts or visions of what will happen in the future that always prove to be true.

Question: What did the abductors look like?

Since the abductees memory is always wiped or cleaned before they are returned it is very hard to  answer this question. The main combined agreed description by the abductees is  that their abductors are built or shown in a human form with one head , two arms and two legs. Some feel they are hairless with light skin while others feel they are covered in some type of skin or suit , They do not recall their faces or features. They do all agree that they have a bad odor similar to mold and sulfur. 

 What was inside the green light?

Nothing but a large sweeping ray of green light that runs from a very hot area that can turn extremely cold in a second. It does have a vibration or hum to it. It is part of a tool used to scoop up their victims. 

Is there a merge between supernatural and extraterrestrial, or is this a terrestrial demonic attack? 

There seem to be ways that dimensions we have no knowledge of can intermingle when needed that we do not understand. It seems clear in the two sisters  case that the energy of  this woman's departed family members was able to manifest in order to protect the woman from her abductor.

 No one  on this planet  understands how the dimensions work or how those who are part of them enter and exit our dimension that we live in.

 In this case, we see that all the things we do not understand  come into focus as a mix of dimensions clearly took place in front of the family in the two sisters abduction case. 

Obviously,  it is a simple case of our not being  able to understand the way the universe or how  the dimensions work.  The fact is  that they do know how to manipulate  and transport between them when needed. 

The sisters did not feel this was a demonic issue but one of her family warning the unknown creature or alien  that it needs to stop.

 The creature has not returned and for now, all abductions seem to have ended for the two sisters  family. 

Time will tell the answers to  all of  these questions as eventually we will learn how all of this works and we will be able to understand and handle our human dimension with intelligence, For now, we seem very content on remaining in the dark ages on many things we do not understand and label paranormal. It is, of course, all science we simply do not yet grasp. 

We received a question last year that was left on my voice mail from a man that I  will answer now too.

 The caller asked if any of the abductees were told to tell us anything by the aliens or asked the abductee any questions about being a human?

I did not answer this question at the time It was left as I had just finished and published an article on warnings given by the abductees 
All the abductees have returned with the impressions of  both natural and man-made disasters and world war impressed upon them . They also were given warnings concerning giving up our humanity so easily to technology which provides easy access to our control. I have written about all of those things repeatedly.

The interesting question the man left on the voice mail   was if the aliens had ever asked any of their human captives any questions.

 I thought about this and remembered an older man who had been taken many times during his life telling  me that he did have an encounter once with a very curious alien who did ask him via thought and images questions that he found very unusual.

 The interview with this abductee stuck out in my mind and I was able to locate the notes I took while talking with him. He was not comfortable with me writing his encounters and until now I  had nowhere to write about the part of his interview that discussed the alien questions.

The man told me the alien communicated by showing him visions or images or placed thoughts in his head. 

The first thing the alien asked was  by  showing him images or visions of large groups of people eating. Eating around tables , at fast food restaurants and just about every scene you could image of people eating lots of food.

 The next thing he was shown were images of people starving to death. All kinds of people from all over the world , many children. The images the abductee told me were heartbreaking and made him feel terrible when he  viewed them. 

The alien wanted to know why?  We have so much food yet some have it and waste it and others die from not having it.  The alien wanted to know why we do this?. He even placed images of rows of farming and piles of  freshly caught fish in the man's head. Again the alien asked him why do humans fed some too much and starve others? The abductee told me his mind went blank as the only answer he had was that he did not know why we do this.

The older abductee also in the manner of thoughts and images or visions was asked why we have the technology but only a few humans are educated or advancing?

 He was shown an image of what looked like a science lab of some sort with a handful of people working in the lab, He was also shown  a huge movie screen with what looked like thousands of people cheering at zombies or monsters on the  movie screen. The alien did not understand why only a few are educated while the mass of the population does not advance which keeps our planet at a slow growth when it comes to science or advancement. The old man knew his captor thought of us as very primitive and ignorant.

 I know we think we are superior beings as we walk upon the earth with smartphones and techie gadgets hanging from our belts. The fact is that   only a few of us invent,  build and advance the planet is confusing to a being who obviously comes from a civilization far different and far more advanced than ours,
  Obviously, where he comes from everyone  is educated and  advances. Sad for the human race that we do not do the same.

The last questions the man was asked were very interesting to me and ones that really spoke to the fact that we are as strange to them as they are to us.

The alien asked the man why only two or even one human raise the children. He was shown a single mother and a family with four or five children sitting on a couch with their mother and father. The being that had abducted the old man wanted to know why only one or two adults raise the children.?

 Obviously, the alien does not come from a male /female type of union like we do on earth nor did he seem to understand the family unit as we know it. His confusion on this makes me believe his civilization does not form family units and must  raise their young in groups with many adults involved in the care of their young,

The  last question really gave me an idea of how our visitors view the human species .

The alien asked the older man why we are self-killing? At first, the man thought he was asking about war which we have as an ongoing  constant on this planet. The alien stopped this thought in the man's head quickly and was able to communicate that they already knew we were an extremely violent species. The alien kept  repeating  self-killing.

The abductee was  then shown images of very overweight people eating large plates of food and a man smoking who was nearly invisible under a thick layer of smoke as well as what looked like homeless people laying on a city street. He was also shown images he did not understand but he got the message. Why did humans not take care of their human bodies?

The older abductee told me he tried to answer the questions to the best of his ability but could tell his captor remained confused and did not seem to understand what he was trying to convey to him.

The abductee mentioned a few times while telling me about  this event that the alien completely lacked any signs of emotion or understanding emotion. He recoiled if the man cried or yelled and if his fear got the better of him and he shook his fist in anger  or begged to be let  go.  The man told me that emotion  seemed to confuse or even frighten  and back off his captors.

I believe this lack of emotion is why the  two sisters were able to escape as well as other people who also displayed outbreaks of emotion that backed off their captors using the element of surprise by displaying something they simply do not understand.

I was happy to answer these questions in this last article about the Real Time Abductees  but realize that the overall interest in the subject of real time abduction does not exist  in the public or in the paranormal community. If it did I am sure we would have had over the years of sharing the real time abductees experiences more then the handful of questions I have answered in this article.

This will be the last article I write on abduction I  have other areas of the unknown I want to explore and will be giving my time to that. If I find things I think my readers will be interested in I will continue to share them on my blog.

 For now remain aware of your surroundings as one day you may find you are the one standing alone in the dead of night and find you are face to face with  a cold , emotionless strange being

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